While Crime Victims Continue to Be Denied Justice, Gascón's Office Takes a Keen Interest in the Attempted Theft of Supporter John Legend's Porsche

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This is the equity that Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón has brought to Los Angeles on full display.


John Legend is the Billy Porter of Kerry Washingtons. Another celebrity sycophant who is using his money and star power to support social justice district attorneys and prop up ones under fire. Legend endorsed Gascón in 2020, and remains a staunch defender of woke criminal justice warriors, supporting Chesa Boudin, Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, and cheerleading for Gascón during the recent campaigns to recall him.

It appears that Legend’s loyalty (and dollars) are paying off.

From Fox News:

The Los Angeles County District Attorney‘s Office has taken an interest in a case in which singer John Legend almost had his luxury car stolen this week in what some prosecutors in the office are calling blatant special treatment for a high-profile supporter of District Attorney George Gascon.

“An attempted vehicle theft is a crime which George Gascon barely seems interested in prosecuting,” Deputy District Attorney John Lewin told Fox News Digital about his boss’s priorities.

Legend was at a recording studio Monday when a suspect attempted to steal his Porsche, TMZ reported. The Los Angeles Police Department told the celebrity news outlet that a man walked up to the vehicle, sat inside, and was looking for the keys or another way to start it.

Security personnel at the studio saw what was happening and called the police. When officers arrived, the suspect allegedly claimed the car was his. He got out and began walking. He was arrested after a short foot chase on suspicion of attempted grand theft auto.


This is attempted theft. Nobody died. No one was hurt, and Legend has enough money to hire his own killer attorney who can make this wannabe thief’s life miserable. Instead, a Gascón DDA decided he needed to reach out to inquire on the status of the case.

Email from DDA John Harlan inquiring on Legend-Porsche Matter (Credit: Bill Melugin/FoxLA)

In a Wednesday email to prosecutors, which was obtained by Fox News, John Harlan, the DA’s acting head deputy, said he wanted to be kept in the loop about the case.

“News outlets are reporting that an unarmed person was arrested for attempting to steal John Legend’s Porsche somewhere in Los Angeles – case potentially due today,” the email reads. “Please be on the lookout for this case,” Harlan wrote before asking got be notified via text message along with two others if the case appears in the DA’s records.

In its response to Fox Digital, Gascón’s office said this was “routine practice” for the head of a division to inquire about high-profile cases that could generate publicity.

Ahh, that’s telling. It appears to be Lord of the Flies in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, especially after the last failed recall attempt. DDA Lewin did not mince words on how this was not only bad optics but smacks of unequal treatment.

“The idea that a highly senior administrator would be putting out an all-points bulletin to watch out for this case smacks of special access and undue influence,” Lewin said. “To have this kind of action taken is offensive and is an insult to every law-abiding citizen in Los Angeles who is a victim of crime and who is generally met with a lack of interest or outright hostility by this district attorney and his administration.”

“In essence, it appears that the acting head deputy involved put out an all-points bulletin to be on the lookout for this case as if he was tracking the Hillside Stranger,” added Lewin, who won a murder conviction last year against late real-estate scion Robert Durst.


One wonders what type of sentencing this would-be car thief will receive. If Gascón is true to form, he should be released on his own recognizance and given a reduced sentence. We’ll see how far Gascón’s woke justice and equity extend to this thief with celeb John Legend as the victim.


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