BREAKING: Lauren Boebert Handily Wins Colorado's Third District GOP Primary

Less than an hour after the polls closed in Colorado, Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert (3rd District) was miles ahead of her challenger, State Representative Don Coram. Less than two hours later, Boebert has been declared the winner of her primary.


From The Washington Times:

Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert, one of the most polarizing members of Congress, easily beat back a challenge from a more mainstream Republican to clinch her primary Tuesday.

Boebert, a first-term firebrand, saw her GOP-leaning 3rd Congressional District in western Colorado become even more Republican after redistricting.

She had little trouble with moderate state Rep. Don Coram, a rancher and hemp farmer, who slams what he calls Boebert’s extremism.

Where the legacy media sees an extremist, obviously Coloradans see an ally. Boebert is a staunch supporter of former President Donald J. Trump and the America First agenda. Boebert is unafraid of the MAGA label, wearing it as a badge of honor, while exemplifying the fire and the fight that characterized Trump’s first term. Boebert, along with her colleague Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), are unafraid to call out President Joe Biden for his failures in Afghanistan, with the economy, and on the Southern Border. Boebert and Greene even heckled Biden, chanting, “Build the Wall!” during his first State of the Union address in March.


Boebert came under attack from a Democrat Super PAC which made accusations that she had worked as a sex worker and had had multiple abortions. Those allegations were proven false, and Boebert has threatened to take legal action against the group.

Despite the attacks from establishment Republicans, and heavy money being poured into Coram’s campaign from Democrats and the Left, this apparently did not blunt Boebert’s momentum or her popularity among her constituents.

See below for live results. (Click the “Change Race” option at the upper right of each map to toggle between the races.)


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