IN MY ORBIT: Bill Essayli for California's New 63rd District Could Be the First Wave of a Red Tsunami

Bill Essayli is running for the new 63rd District Assembly seat, and he sees this as a new day and new opportunity to turn California around. He tells RedState:


“Well, it’s a new day. This is totally different. We got new districts because of the census. They redistricted all the lines here, so I’m now in a new district.

It’s called the 63rd Assembly District. It is a solid Republican seat. Now it represents Western Riverside County: Corona, Norco, Lake Elsinore area, and Menifee.”

California’s Primary Election is June 7, less than a week away. Sadly, our state is not known for turning out for primary elections, but with the hot button issues of high gas prices, inflation, supply-chain mess, and overreaching school boards and local government representatives, Californians are activated in a way that we have not seen for a long time.

Riverside County is particularly activated. This is the only county in California that voted 100 percent to Recall Gavin Newsom in September 2021. But Essayli is working on ensuring people know his name and what he stands for, so that more people can not only become activated, but motivated to send in their ballot or go to a voting center to cast their ballot.

If you are local to Riverside County, Essayli is having a “Meet and Greet” on Tuesday, May 31, to meet constituents and answer questions.

May 31 Meet and Greet with Bill Essayli. Credit: Bill Essayli For, used with permission.


Regardless of what appears to be an uncontested race, Essayli is ripping up the shoe leather and pressing the flesh for two reasons: 1) so that, as an elected representative, the people know he will be representing them in Sacramento, as opposed to himself, and; 2) there are two other candidates running for the seat, and Essayli needs to distinguish himself. He says:

“There is no incumbent, so I’m not running against any sitting legislature legislator. It’s a totally open seat.

I have one Republican and one Democrat in the race against me, so as long as we get through this primary here on June 7th and if anyone here watching lives in the district, please, please vote.”

The Republican challenger, Clint Lorimore, is a conservative small business owner whose website states he desires to see a change in the state and represent Riverside, too. What gives Essayli the edge? His legal background. Essayli is a partner at Essayli & Brown LLC, a former federal prosecutor, and former Riverside County Deputy District Attorney.

Essayli says there are a lot of laws that need to be reworked or dismantled in California, especially Prop. 47. Essayli has made this a cornerstone of his campaign.

“I also wanted to run due on public safety issues. They’re changing a lot of the laws in California, weakening our abilities as prosecutors, law enforcement to enforce the law, and to, you know, prosecute, and incarcerate dangerous elements of society. And so, I do think we need to reverse that trend.”


His Democrat challenger is Fauzia Rizvi, currently on the Board of Directors for the Municipal Water District. Rizvi appears to be a Leftist Trojan Horse: A Muslim woman, who’s a “wife-mom-business consultant,” with her hands in many bipartisan coalitions. Rizvi has two years left on her water district term, but chose at the last minute to run for State Assembly in March of 2022. Rizvi also ran for City Council in 2018.

The financials and endorsement often tell the tale. According to TransparencyUSA, Rizvi’s campaign has:


Rivzi’s biggest donor so far is Circle City Investment Group LLC, which has all the earmarks of a shell company, with one principal, four employees, and little business activity. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the International Union of Operating Engineers (IOUE) are also big Rivzi contributors.

Rizvi has the endorsements of U.S. House of Representatives Mark Takano (D-His Own Side), who is being challenged by Conservative and veteran Aja Smith, and Corruptocrat Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Dirtbag).

In this particular case, do look a gift horse in the mouth. In place of teeth, there may be fangs.

Essayli’s pitch to Riverside County constituents is unaffected and straightforward.


“And so, if you’re happy with the way California is going, then keep electing these Democrats in the office.

If you’re not happy with what’s happening at your kids’ schools, what’s happening at the gas pump, what’s happening with the gas tax issue, or what’s happening in your neighborhoods with the homelessness and the crime, then do something different.

Vote differently, and this year, vote Republican. There is more than one Republican on the ballot, so it’s really important that they know who we are.”

Here’s the full interview with Bill Essayli for Assembly. Only 20 minutes long: give it a listen, and pass it on to any friends or associates in Riverside County, California.


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