RedState Celebrates Black History Month: Sergeant Aja Smith and Black Military Legacy

Aja Smith-Instagram (Credit: Aja Smith)

From Crispus Attucks and Salem Poor in the Revolutionary War, to Harriet Tubman and the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment in the Civil War, to the Buffalo Soldiers, to the Harlem Hellfighters—the 369th Infantry in World War I, to the Tuskegee Airmen in World War II, and onward, Blacks have willingly and proudly fought, bled, and died for the United States of America, even in a military rife with racial bias and prejudice.


To close out this RedState series commemorating Black History Month, I wanted to feature a modern-day Black trailblazer: the female soldier.

Sergeant Aja Smith (Air Force-Ret.) was the perfect choice. I sat down for an interview to discuss not only Black History and her choice to pursue a military career, but her family’s legacy of military service. Her Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father, Mother, Aunt, and Great Uncle have all served in different branches of the armed services, from World War II to Iraq.

Grandfather George W Hawkins-Chief Master Sergeant (Credit: Aja Smith)


Great Uncle-Rhohelia Bob Webb-Tuskegee Airmen Pilot (Credit: Aja Smith)


Grandmother Bunny Hawkins- Registered Nurse (Credit: Aja Smith)


We talked about the importance of Black History Month, and honoring the bridges on which we crossed over. Sgt. Smith shared pictures from her family’s military lineage, and the reasons why they chose to serve and fight for this country.




Sgt. Smith is running for Congress in California’s 39th District. One of her platform focuses is honoring our veterans by attending to their care and finding them homes. It’s a campaign worthy of support, if you are so inclined.




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