TOTAL RECALL, WEEK 3: The Countdown to the Special Gavin Newsom Recall Election


Welcome to Week 3 of Total Recall: The Countdown to the Special Gavin Newsom Recall Election. We are at Day 1, and it is hard to fathom the range of emotions those who support the Recall are feeling. Jennifer Oliver O’Connell was covering a Kevin Kiley event this morning, and the general consensus ranged from excitement and anticipation, to anxiety and trepidation. There is confidence, but as with any seasoned Californian, we are also girding our loins. As Sonya Green of Patriot’s for Freedom said after one of the Recall events, we have to see whether it’s time to party or time to go to war!


If you wish to catch up on the Countdowns, Week 1 is here, and Week 2 is here.

We Saw This Coming

And are amazingly prepared for a change, despite the nattering nabobs of negativity who want to keep reminding us of election theft, without any clear game plan on how it should be combatted. Jennifer Oliver O’Connell reported in CA RECALL: So it Begins: Woodland Hills Voters Report Trouble Casting Ballots, more than a few voters in the West San Fernando Valley suburb of Woodland Hills, CA (Los Angeles County) going to cast their ballot and being told they had already voted!

Early voting started last weekend in many parts of the State, and is now in full-on mode since we are mere hours away from Special Recall election day tomorrow.

What is interesting is that the Affirmative Action Secretary of State and the legacy media is doing all it can to say, “Nothing to see here! Everything is fine! Our election security is top notch!” which pretty much raises people’s alarm bells that it is not.

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon is doing yeoman’s work in keeping abreast of any whiff of things not being handled properly, or any indication of fraud, and strongly encouraging voters to file reports early.

Project Veritas is also taking information and reports on any California Recall voting issues.

Reports are important, particularly for legal challenges. But this type of mess days before an actual election can have a tendency to tamp enthusiasm, and demoralize voter turnout. Which is probably all part of someone’s diabolical plan.


However, both Dhillon and all of the Recall candidates are encouraging everyone to not allow that to happen, and to just go out and vote. Radio Host and candidate Larry Elder has reporting resources listed on his website to track anything untoward.

So, if you are in California, and you have not done so, make it happen with a “YES” on Question 1 to Recall Gavin Newsom.

And speaking of Governor Hair Gel…

It’s Good To Be King

Or so Newsom thinks. His Hairfulness is now feeling chuffed by polls showing he is winning the Recall by wide margins and will safely keep his seat. Newsom has been laser focused on Asian and Latino/Hispanic voters, because recent polling says they are against the Recall.

The Pandermonium continues, but not everyone is buying the hard sell.

Oh, did I forget? Newsom made sure to have his Affirmative Action Attorney General Rob Bonta in tow. Some Asians are still not buying it.

A Mercury News article has also cast a bit of shade on Newsom’s ability to pander to Latinos and Hispanics, saying that it may well be too little, too late. As of Friday, only about 21 percent of Hispanic and Latino voters have returned their ballots. This percentage is lower than Black, Asian or White voters.



“I think Democrats will have a serious after-action review about that question,” said Claremont McKenna College politics professor Jack Pitney.

While Newsom‘s camp has been making targeted appeals to Latino voters in recent days, some political analysts say it may be too little, too late, pointing out that Latino families have been hit disproportionately hard by both the health and economic consequences of the pandemic. Elder was in San Diego on Friday also courting Latino voters.

For many Latino families, USC professor Manuel Pastor explained, “The last 18 months have been your family being hit hard by COVID, you experiencing a tremendous amount of job loss or wage fluctuation as a result of COVID, and your kids being stuck at home and not being able to go to school. Your life’s been hard.”

Or, said Pitney, a former Republican operative who left the party after former President Donald Trump was elected, “it just could be that Latinos are not as uniformly liberal as Democrats like to think.”

Perhaps if both Democrats and Republicans treat citizens as voters with legitimate needs and concerns that are actually listened to, instead of a voting bloc to be pandered to, they might get some legitimate inroads. But, I digress….

POLITICO referred to Newsom as “relaxed” and confident, and apparently philosophical. His Hairfulness waxed eloquent about how democracy is like a Faberge egg?

But Newsom sees California’s recall process — one that could potentially allow a small minority to elect his replacement if the overall majority removes him — as “remarkable.”

“This is like a Faberge egg so to speak, in terms of democracy,” he said. “It’s not a football, you can’t throw it around. It’s delicate, democracy is delicate. I didn’t realize how delicate it was, and now I’m starting to appreciate how delicate it is, and how important this race is, not just for me.”

Gee, genius; maybe if you had treated the people of California like that Faberge egg, instead of like a pinata, you might not be here philosophising about possibly losing your job.

It no doubt has put wind in Newsom’s sails that both Dementia Joe and VP McCackles were able to come out and campaign with him. Jennifer Oliver O’Connell talked about Harris’ visit last Wednesday in Hair Gel and Harris Reunited as the Warm-up Band for Return of Dementia Joe Biden.


Biden arrived at Long Beach Airport early this afternoon, and will attend a private event with Newsom before a campaign rally at Long Beach City College. The private event is invite only and donation based; as if the $70 million from his Stop the Republican Recall coffers isn’t enough.

According to local CBS2 News:

The Long Beach stop is part of a three-state trip by Biden, who first traveled to Boise, Idaho, on Monday to visit the National Interagency Fire Center, followed by a stop in Northern California to survey damage from the devastating Caldor Fire, which has destroyed hundreds of homes and forced thousands of people to flee.

Biden’s visit to Idaho was welcomed by about 1,000 people protesting him. Angelenos, and people from outlying areas plan to do the same in Long Beach.

Yeah, Grandpa Stompy Foot pulled the dictator act he learned from Hair Gel with the latest vaccine mandate for businesses. So the most accurate poll of how much he is despised right now may very well be how many people show up to protest. All eyes on Long Beach this evening, for sure.

But all this goodwill and glad-handing doesn’t mean Newsom is out of trouble, or that people have forgotten his wicked ways. In an act of real journalism, Sacramento-area local ABC10 confronted Newsom as he was leaving his polling place about how his meddling in the PG&E bankruptcy negotiations has left 70,000 victims of the 2018 Camp Fire without a settlement, and what he planned to do about it. His Hairfulness refused to comment:


#MeToo advocate and actress Rose McGowan is also giving Newsom and First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom heartburn. As Jeff Charles reported in Rose McGowan Spills the Tea on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Wife and Harvey Weinstein, McGowan not only endorsed the Recall Gavin Newsom effort, but candidate and Talk Radio Host Larry Elder, who is leading in the polls among the Recall candidates. McGowan alleged that the First Partner tried to sweeten the pot to stop her accusations against Harvey Weinstein. Jennifer Oliver O’Connell further reported in Gavin Newsom Accepts Expensive Bottle of Wine from Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer that fact, and that California governor’s should not be accepting such expensive gifts, Period. Full Stop. Especially from the lawyer of a credibly accused serial rapist.

From the groundswell of the grassroots, who are the ones who got this Recall Gavin Newsom movement off the ground and to an election, it is still a tight race, and we’ll vote as if that’s the case.

The candidates are making their closing arguments to California voters.

Larry Elder

Elder weathered an attack by a white woman in a gorilla mask when he went to tour Venice Beach, definitely rallying his base, and perhaps garnering him more support. Of course, the legacy media was radio silent as Sister Toldjah opined in The L.A. Times’ Twitter Framing of the Larry Elder Egging Incident Is Outrageous and Inexcusable. Our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar also took progressives to the woodshed for callously ignoring the attack in Whether It’s Racism, Mental Illness, or Intentional, Progressives’ Silence on the Larry Elder Attack Is Deafening. Had Elder been on the Left, there would be hue and cry about white supremacy and racism until the cows came home. But since Elder has been dubbed “the Blackface of White Supremacy”, it’s all good.

The hypocrisy would be staggering, if it wasn’t so predictable.


If Elder wins the Recall election, he may have the last laugh. As any politico would do, he took advantage of the buzz around Rose McGowan’s announcement to mount a press avail on Sunday that was standing-room-only.

An NBC News correspondent chose to fixate on whether Elder would accept the Recall results. Apparently, the jury is still out.

Kevin Faulconer

Faulconer is still relevant to the legacy media because according to the polls, he is next in line after Elder. But any coverage has been slim to none in the past week. POLITICO’s Carla Marinucci asked him the same question posed to Elder:

Wonder what the numbers will reflect and if his tune will change if the polls are wrong?

John Cox

Apparently John Cox thought it was important to spend his last days campaigning in Yountville, in front of The French Laundry.

Not all that beastly. Yeah, we get it, John.

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner is still on the bottom rung, but scrambling to climb. Her media appearance on CNN’s New Day last week was less of a swan song, and more of a face plant as Jennifer Oliver O’Connell explains in Caitlyn Jenner Gets Used as a Tool of CNN to Delegitimize Recall Gavin Newsom.

We don’t need the results on this one. She’s toast.

Kevin Kiley

Kiley appeared at a San Diego cafe this morning, and plans to make campaign stops up the state as he winds down his campaign. As always, Kiley shined the light not on himself, but on the Recall Gavin Newsom movement.


I want to thank the extraordinary volunteers who have made this movement possible. This is happening not because of me, any politician, any state political party, this is happening because of ordinary people, really extraordinary people, who took matters into their own hands, who have worked tirelessly to now give 40 million Californians a chance at a better future. So, we’re going to need to keep fighting together in the days, months, and years ahead.

The stakes are high, but we vote, we encourage, and we watch to see what unfolds after 8:00 p.m. when the polls close on Tuesday, September 14.



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