Caitlyn Jenner Gets Used as a Tool of CNN to Delegitimize Recall Gavin Newsom

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Caitlyn Jenner appeared on CNN’s New Day this morning, to make her bid on why she should be the replacement California governor in the Gavin Newsom Recall election.


Yesterday, Jenner appeared on Fox News’ The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton to do the same.

According to recent polls, Jenner is at one percent; yet she is getting major air time. Amazing what the brand recognition and fame of the Kardashian machine will buy.

Anchorette Brianna Keilar threw the same stupid questions that were thrown to the Recall candidates at those Recall debates which Jenner decided she didn’t need to be a part of. Questions that have zero to do with California. The questions were formed from the premise of Governor Hair Gel’s own talking points: that Republicans want to take the state backwards (see his video below) and make California like Florida and Texas.


Keilar fixated on the Texas Hearbeat law, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Jenner, the neophyte that she is, took the bait. Jenner’s most egregious mistake was saying the Recall started because of the pandemic.

No, Caitlyn, the Recall gained huge momentum because of the pandemic, but it was started long before that. This is my problem with candidates who come in riding the tails of the Recall without knowing what the people who bothered to sign the petitions are concerned and upset about.

Keilar didn’t even bother to respond to Jenner’s points about how Newsom has failed the California people, but fixated on Governor  DeSantis and why Jenner felt his response to the pandemic was the correct one, when it’s obvious that DeSantis is just a Trumpian who wants to kill people.


Zero conversation about the actual Recall or California concerns. ZE-RO.

While Fox News is mostly pouring its time and energy into touting their political contributor and Talk Radio Host Larry Elder’s candidacy, it has given air time to Businessman John Cox, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, and the weekend and early shows have given time to Assemblyman Kevin Kiley.

CNN rarely mentions the Gavin Newsom Recall except to try and dismiss it or debunk it. If they were true journalists following the story, they would have given the time of day to the only Democrat who is polling high, Real Estate YouTuber Kevin Paffrath.


I try not to make a regular diet of this network, so have no idea whether they have had other Republican Recall candidates on. I’ll check, but it’s doubtful.

Now that they’ve opened the barn door, when will we see John Cox, Kevin Kiley, Kevin Paffrath, or Kevin Faulconer on this week?

I have a great idea: the brain trust of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo can do a segment with the “Three Kevins”. Make it a bit game showey, and maybe make the topic focus about who knows more about California and the California Constitution. We all know which candidate will win that one.

Maybe I’ll call their producers and suggest this. Yeah… Nah.

So why was Jenner on CNN? To serve the purpose of further delegitimizing her candidacy, as well as delegitimizing the Recall effort. The legacy media’s only intent is to delegitimize the Recall of Gavin Newsom by making the two celebrity candidates appear insane, so that Gavin Newsom can appear to be the sane, reasonable leader of America’s most populous state. California, and America, needs to keep him at the helm. See those crazy Trumpians? We can’t have them anywhere near government. Remember what happened last time.

It’s so transparent, and frankly, ridiculous. I feel a bit sorry for Jenner, but not much. She walked right into this.

Hair Gel presents his final argument via video on why Californians must reject the “Republican Recall”. For the first time I can remember, His Hairfulness actually compliments Californians for their work to follow COVID protocols, rather than berate us.


Too little, too late.

Newsom spouts the usual blather about Republicans that totally disregards the Democrats, Independents, and Non-Party Preference voters who also want him gone.



Seven more days. Let’s finish the job and remove Gavin Newsom from office.

California deserves best.


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