Gavin Newsom Accepts Expensive Bottle of Wine from Harvey Weinstein's Lawyer

My colleague Jeff Charles reported on #MeToo champion Rose McGowan’s endorsement of the Gavin Newsom Recall, and the bombshell that at the behest of serial sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer, First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom tried to coax McGowan into softening her story about the famous producer.


The legacy press has been ignoring the story, content with polishing Hair Gel’s poll numbers, pushing stories about how the pro-Recall strategy is failing, and finding some new ridiculous story about Larry Elder. Perhaps he beat his mother? Who knows.

An ABC Bay area anchor posted a gushing tweet thread about His Hairfulness and the First Partner casting their votes in Sacramento.

This reporter did not bother to ask one question about Rose McGowan, David Boies, or #MeToo.

The Washington Free Beacon, has brought new facts to light on the relationship between His Hairfulness and Weinstein‘s lawyer David Boies:

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D., Calif.) accepted expensive bottles of wine from a Democratic superlawyer who hired spies to dig up dirt on Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, according to financial disclosures obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

David Boies gave Newsom one of the bottles, priced at $300, weeks after revelations that the lawyer led a covert smear campaign against women who had accused Weinstein of sexual assault. The embattled Democratic governor took the gift even as others cut ties with Boies because of his dirty work for Weinstein. The New York Times fired Boies in November 2017 as one of its lawyers in a defamation case because of the scandal.

The gifts add a new layer of intrigue to accusations that Newsom’s wife helped Boies try to kill negative stories about Weinstein. In the closing days of a tougher-than-expected recall vote, actress Rose McGowan claimed Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, contacted her on behalf of Boies in 2017, as the actress was working with the Times on a story about Weinstein’s history of sexual abuse. McGowan said that Siebel Newson, a former actress, told her that “David Boies wants to know what it would take to make you happy.”


The California’s Fair Political Practice Commission (CFPPC) outlines that an elected official cannot accept a gift that totals more than $500.00 in a calendar year:

A “gift” is any payment or other benefit that confers a personal benefit for which a public official does not
provide payment or services of equal or greater value. A gift includes a rebate or discount in the price of
anything of value unless the rebate or discount is made in the regular course of business to members of
the public. (Section 82028.) (See Regulation 18946 for valuation guidelines.)

Except as discussed below, a public official has “received” or “accepted” a gift when he or she has actual
possession of the gift or when he or she takes any action exercising direction or control over the gift,
including discarding the gift or turning it over to another person. This includes gifts that are accepted by
someone else on the official’s behalf and gifts made to others at the direction of the official. (Regulation

Just like the French Laundry debacle, the fact that Newsom took the expensive gift from a tainted source reflects his air or invincibility. It appears Newsom did not even think twice about associating himself with Boies and his campaign to discredit the women who were accusing Weinstein.

So much for Vice President Kamala Harris’s claim that Gavin Newsom understands the dignity of people. If this gift alludes to the Governor and his First Partner having a role in trying to destroy and discredit Weinstein’s victims, he is complicit in robbing these women of their dignity.


It wouldn’t be the first time.


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