THIS IS WHY WE RECALL: Because the Mama Bears Are Mad as Hell

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It’s FIVE DAYS until we remove California’s corrupt and incompetent governor.

Network is one of my favorite movies, and this clip epitomizes what has occurred with a pivotal voting bloc that is mostly being ignored in all the legacy media reports on the Gavin Newsom Recall.



But where the character Howard Beale stopped at activation and screaming into the void, these Mamas not only activated, but mobilized, and organized.

So, Wendy Redlow Shrove, Roxanne Hoge, Kira Davis, and Andi Homimoto Kowal, along with millions of other mothers who watched their children devolve for a year and a half while Governor Gavin Newsom grew fat off the Teachers Unions largesse, became part of what we here at RedState term, “The Mama Bear Recall”.

It’s real, it’s a thing, and it will determine the fate of this governor.

Don’t doubt me.

Newsom and his polling outfits have no idea how many of these Mamas exist, and no idea the damage he’s done to their families. What he does know is that they will be the key voting bloc that gets this Recall over the finish line.

Andi Hamimoto Kowal is an entrepreneur and a mother of two, who was already burned by SB276, now a California law that forces children who have legitimate medical and religious reasons for vaccination exemption to be vaccinated or be forced out of the public school system. This was the precursor of “for the common good” that is being used by our unelected betters to push their own agenda.

Kowal and her husband have a rare condition where they previously experienced adverse reactions to vaccines. This condition was passed on to their children. Her daughter and son have had severe reactions to vaccines in the past; reactions that took years of holistic care and therapy for her daughter to recover. So, this is not a mother who is “anti-vax” as the slur is thrown around, their family, along with their physicians, determined that vaccinations could cause deathly harm to their children.


Enter Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-Evil Harridan), who championed this bill, and shamed and harangued mothers like Kowal who were opposed to it.


Like Kowal, many of these mothers are Asian, Black, Latina, and other women of color. Many who relied upon the public school system to educate their children and provide some after-school support, so that they could be at work. Gonzalez strong armed the bill through, and Newsom happily signed it into law.

This meant that Kowal’s children could no longer attend public school in California because they remain unvaccinated. But, because she had a flexible schedule as an entrepreneur, she decided to homeschool her children. Enter the Evil Harridan legislator again. Gonzalez authored AB5, the so-called “gig workers” legislation, that effectively destroyed the livelihood of 4.5 million independent professionals, freelancers, self-employed and yes, gig workers. Gonzalez did the same deceitful, strongarm tactics to ram this bill through committees, filled the campaign coffers of several legislators who were in vulnerable districts in order to get their YES vote on the bill, and Governor Hair Gel gladly signed off on this one too.

Further attacks on Kowal’s quality of life for her and her family continued with bills like AB1316 and others geared toward limiting educational choice and medical autonomy. This brought Kowal to the point where she said, “Enough”.


“It’s bad stewardship. Not just shedding down education, but actively attacking education choice. Those who have found an alternate way to homeschool for better or worse, we are just so upset.”

Kowal is no low-information voter by any means. She has been an active advocate of school choice, and actively involved in the campaign to see AB5 repealed. Not only did she sign the petition to Recall Gavin Newsom, but she gladly gathered signatures, and educated people on what the Recall was all about.

“It’s not just the fringe homeschoolers, it’s not just the fringe vaccine choice people. Regular, every day families like mine are not being served. We’re watching our hard work attrition. Death by a thousand cuts. We’re getting it from all sides. We’re getting attacks on our hard work, our careers, and options for our children to be educated.”

My colleague and RedState editor Kira Davis has shared her heartbreaking story about her daughter’s devolution from a bubbly and outgoing girl, to a child who barely wanted to leave the house. The forced isolation and social restrictions caused by the lockdowns that His Hairfulness felt were so necessary to “stop the spread”, when it did anything but.

Wendy Redlow Shrove had her son in private school, so the amount of time her child had to spend out of in-person learning was minimal compared to those who were part of the public school system. However, Shrove saw the difference and the changes in her then 16-year-old even over that short period of time.


“It was only two weeks that he couldn’t go to school every day, and I thought, ‘he’s fine. He’s a good student and he has great support at home,’ ” Shrove thought.

“But in two weeks time, my kid, who normally gets very good grades, was barely performing.

“I saw an immediate change in this kid. Just as soon as he could go back to school again, it was like an awakening.

“He could be around those adult mentors. He knew he had a purpose. He got up, got dressed, got out of the house!”

Shrove saw only a glimpse of regression and learning loss in her child; but her heart broke for those parents who do not have the financial means for private education or the ability to home school.

“Thank God that my child [had the opportunity], because I honestly think that there are a lot of kids, good kids with good parents, without the support. They needed to have their children in school.

“What we’ve done to our teenagers in terms of mental health, it breaks my heart. You can only do so much as a parent when the government comes in and tries to be your kid’s parent, and they’re bad at it.”

Shrove not only signed the petition, and will vote “YES” to remove Gavin Newsom, but she was part of the Mama Bear Recall group that pushed Recall Gavin Newsom over the finish line to an election.

In a piece exposing Newsom’s attack on California’s children, I wrote,

Newsom has used his governorship, and the emergency powers he refuses to relinquish, to step all over every California citizen in regard to their own family matters: Whether it is the decision on your child being vaccinated, or whether your child should be masked, or how your child should be educated, Newsom has used the power of his office, and the brazen license of his progressive policies, to trample and destroy the decisions individual families need to make concerning their children and families.


These Mama Bears and their families are Mad as Hell, and voting “YES” to Recall Gavin Newsom.

Here at RedState, we have been pointing to this demographic that pollsters are not even bothering to survey. From Newsom sending his children to private school in-person learning while every other child was forced onto Zoom, to my series on all the Mama Bears who did the legwork to get those 2.1 million original signatures, this group of fierce women are the main reason why the Recall has gotten this far.

So to us, it’s old news. To the legacy media and those who haven’t been paying attention, it’s a surprise.

The Mama Bears have been paying attention all along. The Mama Bears are still pissed. And the Mama Bears will Recall Gavin Newsom.

Another person who has been paying attention? Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Kevin Kiley. This was way before he entered the Recall race, but he has been a champion for parental freedom and educational choice. He is one of the few candidates who gets it.




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