Doug Ose Stepped in it, Showing He Does Not Understand the Recall and Probably Should Not Run for CA Governor

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Welp, there goes Doug Ose’s gubernatorial campaign—not that it was much of one to begin with.


Ose’s tweet is in response to the feeding frenzy occuring over Governor Hair Gel’s hypocrisy in enrolling his children in a basketball camp that had a “flexible” mask policy. When pictures surfaced of his oldest son Hunter cavorting about without a mask, parents whose children are forced to cavort about in 100 degree weather with masks had questions.

Not bright. Really, not.

Our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar brought the receipts (as she always does) about why this is so offensive:

Late Monday night a photo began circulating among California parents opposed to mask mandates in schools or at youth camps/sporting activities allegedly showing Gov. Gavin Newsom’s oldest son, Hunter, participating in an indoor summer basketball camp – maskless – that very morning. The photo was part of a social media posting by the camp’s operator, touting the successful first day of the 6th week of summer camp.

Tuesday morning RedState received confirmation from people whose children play youth sports with the Newsom children that the boy in the photo was indeed 10-year-old Hunter Newsom.

The photo caused an uproar among parents who’ve watched their children struggle academically, physically, and emotionally while being kept from their normal school and sports activities while Newsom’s children attended their expensive private school in-person – and now apparently were able to participate in indoor sports, mask-free. According to California’s public health guidelines, children ages 2 through 11 are required to wear masks indoors while at school and in “other youth settings.”


Newsom claimed he never saw the email that pointed out the camp would not enforce masks. What do you know, he lied! I think I need smelling salts…

Instead of taking his lumps, and maybe even building a bridge, Newsom punished his children by pulling them out of the camp, using the B.S. excuse (through a spokesperson) that he feared for their safety.

Hold the smelling salts, the smell of this loaded turd brought me fully awake.

“The Newsoms were concerned to see unvaccinated children unmasked indoors at a camp their children began attending yesterday and after seeing this, removed the kids from the camp,” his spokesperson Erin Mellon said in a statement Wednesday.
“This is in clear violation of his own mask mandates. Why can his kid be maskless, but not ours?” the group, Reopen California Schools, posted on Twitter earlier this week.

Herein lies the problem, Mr. Ose: Newsom has used his governorship, and the emergency powers he refuses to relinquish, to step all over every California citizen in regard to their own family matters: Whether it is the decision on your child being vaccinated, or whether your child should be masked, or how your child should be educated, Newsom has used the power of his office, and the brazen license of his progressive policies, to trample and destroy the decisions individual families need to make concerning their children and families.


Has Ose not heard of the California Healthy Youth Act, that requires “comprehensive sex education” be taught in every public school K-12?

What the heck does this Act have to do with health?

Not much of anything. This Act forces kids to take mental health surveys every few of years, asking them questions about their sexual identity, whether there are any guns in their home, and whether or not they find their parents to be supportive of them and their decisions. Parents cannot opt out, and children are not required to tell their parent what answers they give.

The actual sexual education could not even be defined as soft porn, it is that disgusting. Teaching a 5-year old about sexual preferences and masturbation has little to do with education and much to do with indoctrination.

I wrote about how Chicago public schools are now distributing condoms as part of their sexual education push. They’re pikers! In California, counselors can distribute birth control, including the Plan B pill, without parental consent. However, if your child needs migraine medication or an Advil, parental consent is required.

It is beyond ridiculous, but such is the governmental overreach that exists under this governor’s watch.

Oh, and parents cannot opt their children out of this either.

Newsom’s social justice policies and taxation are separating families. Where adult children were once able to buy a home near their parents, this is no longer possible thanks to not only the inflated cost of buying or building anything in California, but because of the high crime and lack of policing, it’s no longer safe. People do not want to raise their children in a place where they have to step over feces and needles in the street. And forget about a single-income household. Most mothers have to work in order for the family to make ends meet in this state. Then, Hair Gel signs AB5 into law, and kills any work-from-home 1099 opportunities that allowed mothers to be able to stay at home and raise their children.


Then there are the vaccine mandates his Hairfulness is seeking to enforce. If a parent chooses not to get their child vaccinated, even if they have had COVID and recovered, these children will be forced to stay at home and do Zoom classes. How isolating, not to mention marginalizing is that for a growing child? What does that do to their mental state?

As our editor Kira Davis, who has a school-aged child said,

“I’m begging for reinstatement of school because the mental health issues far outweigh the danger from the virus. We’re all begging and we’re being told the teachers unions know better what our kids need than we do.”

So Doug, tell us more about how family matters deserve privacy? What privacy has been afforded to the California family in the last decade? So, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Governor Newsom decimated parental privacy rights a while ago, so no one, and I mean no one is concerned about the media, or anyone else, trampling his.

Another commenter pointed out that it’s not about his children, it’s about his hypocrisy.


This commenter made the salient point that since His Hairfulness has forced the government between parents and their children, then his children are not off limits.

Play stupid games with people’s lives, win the stupid prizes that come with it.

And one California voter said the quiet part out loud:

Ose was a United States representative in the early aughts, and is apparently out of touch with what has become of his beloved state; and if that is the case, he is not a credible candidate to be running the state.

Randy Economy, formerly a media spokesperson for the Recall Gavin 2020 effort, has joined Ose’s campaign as a Senior Advisor. If Economy advised this tweet, he has done Ose a disservice.

Stay in your lane, Doug, and maybe consider pulling out of the race. You’re not equipped for the governor’s chair.




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