Brits Doing What the U.S. Won't: WaPo Reporter Speaks About Rescue from Kabul by U.K. Special Forces

While Impotent Dementia Joe banned the United States military from leaving Kabul airport to avoid the risk of having soldiers and civilians being attacked by terrorist, our allies in Great Britain are mounting special operations in the region in order to see their people safety to the airport, and out of the war-torn country.


A Washington Post reporter was fortunate enough to have these U.K. special forces cross her path, and they took her, and a WaPo Afghan staff member and his family under their wing, escorting them to the airport and getting them safely onto a U.S. flight out of the country.

From the U.K. Daily Mail:

A Washington Post reporter has shared how British troops helped her and friends flee Afghanistan – as pressure mounts over US forces’ continued refusal to leave Kabul airport.

Susannah George told of how she and the paper’s Afghan staff were able to latch on to a separate evacuation led by UK troops, after spotting them and asking for help to flee.

That saw them hurriedly travel along a road to Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport in armored cars driven by private security guards.

Those roads were being guarded from Taliban interference by UK service personnel, before making it to the security gate of the airport itself, which was manned by American troops.

George did not offer further comment on the troops who helped save her, but the UK’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) have been drafted in to rescue Britons trapped in the war-torn country.

Her difficult journey contradicts President Biden’s assertion that anyone with an American passports would be allowed through checkpoints.

Shocker. But, Biden has been caught in several assertions that have been proven false. Dangerously false.

As my colleague Brandon Morse wrote,

The State Department insists that it has a “special commitment” to embassy staffers who “have suffered hardships, pain and loss because of their dedication to working with us to build a better future for all Afghans.”

As reports from my colleague Hollie McKay detail, the situation on the ground in Kabul isn’t just dangerous, it’s confusing. As one man told her, you never know when an attack is coming or where it’s going to come from. Reports from local teachers who have braved the airport tell stories of almost dying as they search for a way in. Streiff also wrote an article with examples of just how bad it’s gotten, with videos of people begging and crying to be let into the airport, people passing their babies to the front of crowds to be taken away, and random gunfire happening from time to time.


Confusion seems to be the order of the day for the United States government. Shamefully, between the U.S. Press Secretary and her gaslighting, the State Department farting unicorns, and the Pentagon making excuses, the sands are running out of the hourglass on the fate of American citizens, let alone the Afghans who helped us during the occupation.

The British forces appear to have no confusion on this matter; they get the job done, even when it is not their job to do:

George recalled that the day The Post team was set to leave, British troops had arrived at the security compound where she was staying to escort a larger evacuation and she asked them to help escort her and her group, who were not far away, into the airport.

‘Initially, the men were cautious about helping us,’ she wrote. ‘We weren’t part of their evacuation, and the officer said they needed sign-off from the U.S. Embassy. But after a few phone calls, they agreed to wave Tassal, another Washington Post employee and their families through the Taliban checkpoint.’

This seems to be the watchword, even with private corporations who are also stepping up to the plate to ensure their people get back to the U.S. safety. Our Editor-at-Large Kira Davis reported on Fox News‘ rescue of three Afghan nationals and their families, along with their own staff—24 souls in all.

The latest play by the Pentagon is to activate the 70-year old Civil Reserve Air Fleet, which allows the government to commission private airlines to transport refugees from military bases and other designated checkpoints around the world, back into the U.S, in order to allow military aircraft to focus on getting civilians out of Kabul. However, the shifting policy of the Biden administration and their inability to accept blame for what is truly a debacle—one that is still unfolding—will continue to widen the failure theater, and require our allies and private enterprise to fill the void.




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