Biden's Response to Reporter About Americans Getting to Kabul Airport Is Raising a Whole Lot of Questions

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Joe Biden gave a horrible briefing on Afghanistan today, where he lied so much that Fox’s Jennifer Griffin said it was hard to keep up with all the misrepresentations.


But Joe Biden did actually take a few questions.

Unfortunately, his responses were just as bad as his remarks.

For example, he refused to commit to staying past August 31 to get Americans if they hadn’t gotten out everyone who needed it by that time.

But there was one exchange that really had people asking questions.

NPR reporter Scott Detrow asked Biden if he was really saying that there were no circumstances where Americans weren’t able to get to the Kabul airport because that wasn’t squaring with the information that reporters knew on the ground. Indeed, that’s what Biden did say in his remarks.


Detrow asked, “Are you saying unequivocally that any American who wants to get to the airport is getting there, and getting past the security barrier and to the planes where they want to go?” Listen to Biden’s response.

“I thought the question was – how could they get to the airport, outside the airport,” Biden says. “And the answer is, to the best of our knowledge, the Taliban checkpoints are letting through people showing American passports.”

Not only doesn’t he answer the question that is asked, but he says “I thought the question was” and replaces what was asked with something that wasn’t said. It surely sounds like the reporter might have gone off script and not asked the question that Biden thought he was going to ask, so Biden decided to just answer the question he believed Detrow was going to ask.

Now, this had folks all over the Internet believing that Biden answered a planned question.

Detrow denies it. He did actually ask Biden a good question.


But what is true is that either way, Biden failed to answer the question and simply responded to the question he wanted to answer. He never responded to Detrow’s question about securing the safety of American citizens. So if he is supposed to be so “laser-focused,” in the words of Kate Bedingfield, about getting Americans and allies out, why isn’t he “laser-focused” enough to answer the simple question?

Meanwhile, as we reported Americans have reportedly been beaten on their way to the airport and there are many who haven’t gotten through. The Taliban is also going door to door and reportedly shooting people who worked with America. People want answers but trying to get anything resembling action or sense from Joe Biden seems impossible.



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