Biden Bro Jake Sullivan's Afghanistan Presser Was an Unmitigated Disaster

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Where’s Joe Biden? Well, who the heck knows? According to the White House, he’s not only on vacation, but they don’t even know when he’s going to return.


In the absence of a functioning president, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan took to the podium today to answer questions about the ongoing disaster in Afghanistan. What transpired was surreal at times, with the abdication of duty being made more than apparent.

On the question of getting Americans out of the country safely, Sullivan seemed disconnected and unconcerned.

Imagine Trump is president, this cluster is occurring, and his administration refuses to even guarantee the safety of all Americans in harm’s way. The articles of impeachment would already be drafted. Sullivan’s answer is just absurd. Further, he goes on to actually blame the Americans left there for not leaving sooner.

Until a few weeks ago, the Biden administration was insisting that Kabul was safe, wouldn’t fall, and that the Afghan government was capable of repelling the Taliban. Is it any wonder the Americans there weren’t rushing to get out prior to this week? That’s another failure of the administration, not of those on the ground who took the word of the president regarding the level of conflict that would occur.


In short, Biden lied to everyone to cover his own tail, painting a rosy picture of the situation in Afghanistan. But in doing so, he lulled over 10,000 Americans to sleep regarding the threat level. Now, they are trapped all over the country, many without a way to safely transit to the airport.

When pressed, Sullivan only dug the hole deeper.

You’ve asked them to come to the airport? You might as well be asking them to fly to the moon. Would anyone reading this put their lives in the hands of the Taliban to try to travel to the airport from the various far-flung regions of Afghanistan? Even if the Taliban leadership has technically ordered safe passage, the chances that all remote fighters have gotten the message are nonexistent.

Sullivan, in all his mediocrity, having no experience about anything he speaks, is asking Americans to enter the Taliban-controlled streets in hopes they aren’t murdered along the way to the airport. This guy should be resigning at this point, not giving this kind of asinine advice.


But Sullivan wasn’t done. He then let slip what is perhaps the most disturbing revelation to come from his presser.

Afghanistan has collapsed, tens of thousands of Americans are in danger, war-time Afgan allies are being rounded up, and Joe Biden has not called a single world leader yet. I don’t even know what to say to that except that we simply don’t have a president. We are leaderless, being run by mindless academics like Sullivan as the nation’s foreign policy burns to the ground.

This is a scary time to be an American. What happens when China attacks Taiwan? And don’t kid yourself, that’s coming. When it does, it’s clear that no one in this administration is capable of leading at a level needed to deliver success on that issue or any issue. If Sullivan’s presser is any indication, and I think it is, we are in big trouble.


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