Turnabout Is Fair Play: MO Cab Company Won't Pick Up Masked/COVID Vaccinated Passengers

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A Missouri cab company owner has decided he’ll issue his own mandates on masks and COVID vaccinations, and they are surprising:

Charlie Bullington owns Yo Transportation services, a business he started 16 years ago. Recently, he has made it a requirement that he will only transport passengers who aren’t wearing masks and have not gotten the vaccine.

“We don’t allow any type of masks in our vehicles, the second one is we are very against the vaccine and don’t allow people in our vehicle that did get the vaccine,” Bullington said.

Bullington said he verifies his passengers have not been vaccinated and won’t be wearing a mask before he even picks them up. One man took to Facebook saying he was denied a ride because of his vaccination status.

“I understand Missouri is one of the top three states with the lowest vaccination rate, so I am proud of all the Missouri people for standing against this,” Bullington said.


Of course, local KMOV News immediately framed Bullington as a kook, and fringe conspiracists because of where he located his information:

Bullington said his research included reading articles on two websites, however both have a documented history propagating conspiracy theories, including ones claiming the vaccine is dangerous. He believes masks are germ catchers.

“Because of what they consider the shedding process, them transmitting their germs to us by contact whether it’s a shake of hands, a touch,” Bullington said.

Dr. Farrin Manian, an infectious disease expert with Mercy Hospital said the claims that vaccines and masks don’t work could not be further from the truth. He stands by what doctors have preached throughout the pandemic, reiterating that the data and science show masks play a vital role in preventing the spread of viruses. Manian said no vaccine used in the United States is a live vaccine and therefore can’t transmit the virus to others.

If masks are not germ catchers, then why are we wearing them to protect ourselves and others from contacting and contracting the virus? Kind of contradictory, don’t you think?

In early July, a study was released by the Journal of American Medicine on children and mask usage. The study found the children breathed in high levels of carbon dioxide, and that gas stayed trapped within the masks. I’m sure a study done with adults would no doubt find the same thing. Wonder why people are crankier wearing the masks? Lack of oxygen to the brain does those things.


And apparently this Dr. Manian is at odds with the CDC about the vaccinated being spreaders of the Delta variant. But, it’s all about the ScIEnCE!

With the Biden administration, educational institutions, and certain states making an issue of those who remain unvaccinated, businesses are rushing to protect themselves from liability by jumping on this same train. After a year where many of them have barely made it, I get it; however, businesses who look to stand up against the garbage narrative being spewed from all quarters tend to stand out:

Like Chris Castleman, Owner of Fiddleheads Cafe in Mendocino County, who I covered back in May. Castleman doesn’t require his employees wear masks, and encourages customers not to. He did an interview with KGO Radio’s “Chip Franklin Show” to talk about his reasons on why he chose not to comply, and why he still maintains this stance.

His business was fined $20 thousand dollars for workers not wearing facial coverings or otherwise comply with Mendocino county’s health order. Now they are offering 50% discount to those who throw away their masks before entering the establishment.

Or this Huntington Beach, CA restaurant, Basilico’s Pasta E Vino. Owner Tony Roman ignored all the pandemic restrictions in 2020, and allowed his place to remain open to indoor dining, with no masks. Now, he says that he only wants unvaccinated customers.


While the emergence of the Delta variant of COVID-19 has many businesses and consumers proceeding with caution, Basilico’s Pasta E Vino in Huntington Beach continues with its campaign of noncompliance with state safety recommendations. It recently posted a sign saying it will be asking diners for “proof” of being unvaccinated.

It’s the latest in a series of defiant actions from the restaurant, which started with an anti-masking campaign in May 2020. The restaurant asked customers to remove masks when they were inside.

At a Patriots for Freedom event in July, Roman received an award for his bravery. In his short speech, he made it known that,

“I thrive when I fight the enemies of freedom.”


I am waiting on a major chain to buck the system. They have the legal team, and the resources to fight fines, and a public relations team to deal with push back. But, I won’t hold my breath, particularly since they are the ones who have benefited from smaller businesses inability to remain open or keep up with the business restrictions.

As these creative and brave small business owners continue to stand against the discrimination and obvious targeting of those who do not choose to be vaccinated, one can only hope that more will join the fray. As KY Sen. Rand Paul (R-Firebrand) said in his video,

“They can’t arrest all of us. They can’t keep all of your kids home from school. They can’t keep every government building closed […]

“We don’t have to accept the mandates, lockdowns, and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and bureaucrats. We can simply say no, not again.”



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