WATCH: One Year Ago, This Canadian Citizen Called It on Mask Mandates and Vaccines

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It’s a Twitter kind of Saturday, but sometimes, they’re more enlightening than what gets posted there from Monday to Friday.

Take this re-tweet from an account called “the hard hat intellectual.” I love his pinned tweet:


“hard hats and philosophy books, from Nietzche to Rand, so I can spot me these crooks.”

He drops lots of videos on the lockdown protests around the world, the odd pearl from censored thinkers, and the appropriate mockery of some of the loud and proud SJWs and anti-racists.

Today, he dropped this reminder of a very prescient Canadian citizen who around this time last year, predicted all we are going through presently.


“You don’t need a mask, the mask is about compliance. Because they know Canadians like to do what they’re told, so they tell you, ‘you have to wear a mask’ Next, they’re going to tell you you have to contact trace. Then they’re going to tell you you have to take the vaccine. And since Canadians like to do what they’re told, they’re hoping that everyone complies.”

Not just Canadians. It may be a demarcation of Red and Blue State compliance, but we have our bunch who are good little sheeple, and do whatever Dr. Anthony Fauci tells them.


He continues:

“And then guess what, kids? Once you take your vaccine, like a dumb person who doesn’t know any better, they’re going to tell you, ‘Sorry, the vaccine isn’t as effective as we thought it would be, so now you still have to wear your mask;’ you still have to contact trace, still have all the restrictions and social distancing, still take your vaccine.”

Now, Peep this headline from The Oregonian:

Masks, vaccines could stop COVID delta variant spike within two weeks, CDC director says 

Where’s the lie?

“So, what did you get out of all of this? You got a whole year where you weren’t allowed to travel, your business was closed, they took your rights and freedoms, the vaccine was forced upon you, and what happened? The same amount of people died, everything was the exact same. And now they’re going to put you back on lockdown and all the, ‘wait til July of next year,’ so they can do the same thing again!

Bring you from July, August, September getting you off lockdown, just to bring you back on lockdown again!”


Dementia Joe Biden is teasing about new mandates and lockdowns. Governor Hair Gel in California is flat-out threatening to lock us down in August. Heck, I don’t think Oregon ever saw a full reopening. So, all the renewed debate about mandates and lockdowns? It was all part of the plan, and this young man called it.

Then our Canadian prophet winds up for the pitch:

“If you idiots haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a perpetual cycle that you never get out of, and it’s a way to take your rights, your freedoms, close your business, take your wealth… and why? So you become dependent on government.

Why? If you’re independent, the government works for you like it’s supposed to. If you depend on the government to give you a paycheck to feed your family every month because they closed your business, the government doesn’t work for you—the government rules you!

So instead of a middle class, we have the Government, upper class, and lower class dependents that rely on the government to survive. In other words, we have a ‘slave class.’ And that’s what they are trying to do; it’s that simple.”

As the Hard Hat Intellectual stated above, this was banned from Facebook last year. Now that we know about Fauci’s cozy relationship with Herr Zuck through email, it adds more context.


This young Canadian wasn’t the only one calling it. All of those tweets, posts, and videos were removed from social media as well. You see, they know Americans, Canadians, most of the modern world have short attention spans; no point leaving evidence in place that confirms that you have been p0wned.

Do we get it now why Patrick Henry cried,

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

As another great American patriot and president said, It’s a time for Choosing.


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