CA RECALL: A New Poll Just Might Be Newsom's Worst Nightmare

As I said earlier today, things are heating up here in California, and it has little to do with the weather. The Recall Gavin Newsom election candidates should have been finalized by our Affirmative Action Secy of State, and with Larry Elder’s victory in getting on the ballot, we have more than a few quality Republican candidates in the mix. Caitlyn “Big Brother” Jenner is not one of them.


Now a solid poll, that is not by the slanted California Public Policy Institute (PPIC), just dropped. Any way you view it, it’s a nightmare scenario for Hair Gel:

From the San Francisco Gate:

The last high quality polls that were released in May showed opposition to the recall beating support for the recall by double digits, but a new poll released by Emerson College and Nexstar Media’s Inside California Politics on Thursday shows a closer race.

Support for the recall among survey respondents was at 43%, while opposition was at 48%, with 9% of voters undecided. Emerson’s previous poll of the recall in March had support for the recall at 38% and opposition at 42%.

That’s a huge amount of narrowing in the last few months, and a 4 percentage point gap is not hard to bridge. His Hairfulness is not doing himself any favors by creating new bills to combat retail crime, when all that’s required is his repeal of Prop. 47, which started this mess in the first place. Newsom thinks that the bright, shiny, objects of vaccine lotteries and free cash will make people forget that they lost their businesses, their livelihoods, and their children’s future because he wants to be a mini-Mussolini. Coupled with Newsom’s inflation of his wildfire prevention efforts, and the water restrictions he has imposed on farmers in the midst of a drought, his approval rating has dropped down to 49 percent. PPIC reported His Hairfulness at 52 percent in February.


But here is the most staggering information from the poll results:

The biggest red flag for Newsom was the poll’s question, “Regardless of the recall effort, would you vote to re-elect Gov. Newsom in 2022 or do you think it is time for someone new?” in which a whopping 58% of voters wanted someone new, while only 42% were happy with Newsom — suggesting the governor could be in serious danger in 2022 if his opponent is a Democrat, independent with enough name recognition or a Republican not closely tied to former President Donald Trump and the National Republican Party. Newsom has blanketed the airwaves with ads comparing the recall to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

Newsflash, Gavin: We’re just not that into you. Not that we ever were.

Then there are the numbers that reflect which candidates are currently in the lead to take Newsom’s place should he be recalled:

The candidate who received the most support was conservative radio host Larry Elder, who drew 16% support and will be on the ballot after a relatively late entry to the race and a battle over paperwork. Fellow Republicans Kevin Faulconer and John Cox tied for second with 6% support apiece.

How do we know Gov. Hair Gel is worried? His donor emails are referencing this poll and asking for $3.00 donations, warning their audience: “There is absolutely NO WAY we can turn this state over to a Fox News personality or Caitlyn Jenner.”


Reed Hastings of Netflix gave him $3 million a few months back, and he’s asking for $3.00 donations?

My, how the mighty have fallen.

Boy, bye!


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