COVID Vaccine Distribution Has Gone Full 'Westworld'

(John P. Johnson/HBO via AP)

Governor Hair Gel is extremely excited. He is using American Rescue Plan money to fund a lottery. If you get the COVID shot, you’re entered into a giveaway for prizes:


CA is launching a $116.5 MILLION GIVEAWAY for vaccinated Californians!

$15 MILLION in cash prizes for 10 winners selected 6/15 $50k for winners on 6/4 & 6/11

Already vaccinated? You’re entered.

Not vaccinated? Next 2 million that get fully vaccinated can ALSO get a $50 card.


For WHAT win? COVID numbers are practically non-existent, even here in last out the gate, mask-crazy California. More importantly, whose goal is it to win and who gets the real prize? Do we even know what it is?

What is driving this push to get everyone vaccinated? If this vaccine is safe and good for you, why do these mayors and governors feel the need to bribe people to get it?

It’s not just in California.

From NBC NY local:

Starting Thursday, getting the COVID-19 vaccine in New Jersey will get residents an entire summer at one of the state’s most popular beaches — free of charge.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced a series of incentives aimed at convincing more people to get vaccinated against the virus last week. The most lucrative is the free season pass to any state park for anyone who gets at least one shot by July 4.

Unlike most previously announced incentives in that state and in neighboring New York, those who have already gotten their shots are eligible for the freebies, too.


Ohio was one of the first to kick it off, with its controversial, “Vax-a-Million” Lottery.

In an effort to boost COVID-19 vaccination rates in the state, Ohio is giving away $1 million to five adults and full-ride college scholarships to five children who have received the vaccine.

The drawings are held on Mondays. In between, the state verified the eligibility of the two winners by checking residency and vaccination status.

Registration for the lottery started last week and the deadline to sign up for this week’s drawing was Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

There will be four more Vax-a-Million drawings. Those who registered for the first drawing will be automatically included in the next drawing. The deadline for the May 31 drawing is May 30.

The Wisconsin Restaurant Association is offering food incentives (obesity, much?), as are select restaurants like Nathan’s Famous, Shake Shack, and even Budweiser and Samuel Adams.


As the number of vaccine recipients stall, and the “vaccine hesitant” still remain hesitant, the number of elected officials who need to cajole, incentivize, and outright blackmail individuals to get the untested vaccines seems to be growing—and it’s getting really creepy—like Westworld Creepy.

Preach it, sister. It’s like Herd Immunity got thrown under the bus, probably because there’s no money in it. No one is talking about people who contracted COVID and recovered, and their built-in immunity to the virus. Just like we got death numbers thrown at us constantly, now we’re getting vaccine numbers in rapid succession to dazzle and confuse.

Even California gubernatorial candidate Doug Ose is noticing, and pointing out the elephant in the room.


The Left loves to use this line when it comes to baby killing: “My Body, My Choice”. Well, they can’t have it both ways. When it comes to whether or not someone gets the vaccine, or even chooses to disclose this fact, it is fully up to them. The right to privacy is enshrined in the Ninth Amendment, so it is a person’s right not to get the vaccine, as much as it is their right to get it; and it shouldn’t be others’ or the government’s business either way.

So, stop with the social engineering and the Pavlovian perks. It’s a naked attempt to control outcomes; outcomes that should have little to do with the government.



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