HOT TAKES: Robert Reich Pours Milk on Stupid, Eats, Then Has Seconds

AP Photo/Noah Berger

After the lying snoozefest (just ask TX Sen. Ted Cruz) of Biden’s State of the Union speech, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton and Bezerkeley tenured professor Robert Reich had this hot take:

Robert Reich on Twitter: “Biden could be as transformative a presiden…
archived 29 Apr 2021 06:10:11 UTC

Talk about pouring milk on Stupid.

Reich has, of course, since deleted it. But screenshots and the internet are forever.

What’s even scarier is that Reich kept this stupidity live for over 12 hours, which means he dined out on it, then had plenty of people who joined him in a bowl.

Like Gavin Rogers, who hates climate change deniers (but apparently has no problem with history deniers), decided to add some sprinkles to his tasty treat:

Is that the same side of history as FDR? See, Biden and FDR both like executive orders. FDR’s biggest? Executive Order 9066—a very authoritarian one that stripped Japanese Americans of their right to due process, right to private property, and their freedom of movement. They were placed in internment camps all over California, Oregon, Washington State, and Arizona. Some of these places are now fairgrounds and amusement centers that we visit all the time: like the Pomona Fairplex, where they hold the Los Angeles County Fair.

Let that sink in.

FDR was down with stripping AMERICANS—who never stepped foot in Japan, were born and raised in this country, owned businesses, and contributed to the economy and society—FDR stripped them of their Constitutional freedoms, and all they owned and held dear. Most of these people never got their land or property back, and their lives were decimated.

So, one could compare Biden to FDR, since Biden is down with signing EOs that take away one’s Constitutional rights and freedoms. He already has stripped solid employment from hard-working Americans to please his Big Labor donors. Now he’s intent on forcing all Americans into Union Ghettos. Once he has taken away our livelihoods that already paid us well, he expects that we’ll relocate, because once they’ve replaced our businesses and professions with lower-wage “Green Jobs,” we will no longer be able to live off that paycheck. Forcing Americans out of their ownership of private property? Sounds very familiar.

But hey, at least they’ll have “steady, good, Union jobs.” So, yeah, if forcing people out of the lives and professions they know to suit an authoritarian president’s utopian fever dream is the example, then Biden and FDR are simpatico.

Thankfully, this is Twitter, where the dumpster fire burns both ways. There were plenty of others who reminded Reich that if he keeps using those words, he might want to dust off an actual history book to read with that Bowl of Stupid. Maybe it will counteract the Stupid’s effects… maybe:

The man does teach at Bezerkeley, so, there’s that…

Yes, what would life be like without our betters posting their intellectual farts on Twitter? Reich also had some hot takes on Sen. Tim Scott’s Republican response—but he probably deleted that one, too.

Right side of history? FDR wasn’t, Biden isn’t, and neither is Robert Reich.

But do continue to chow down on that big bowl of Stupid.