Sen. Ted Cruz Goes Rogue During Joe Biden's Speech, Earns a Hilarious New Nickname

As we previously reported, President Joe Biden gave his first address to a joint session of Congress last night, and it was full of the usual Democrat pablum with promises of an even bigger federal government, higher taxes, stifling regulations, and pretty much everything you’d expect from a president whose strings are being tightly pulled by the radical left.


The speech failed to match the “very positive” numbers of Trump’s first speech to Congress, according to a post-speech CNN poll.

On Wednesday morning, several hours prior to Biden’s speech, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) appeared on the “Fox and Friends” program to give his assessment of the president’s first 100 days in office. In short, Cruz described Biden as “boring but radical.” Here’s more of what he said during the pre-speech interview:

The Biden White House has made a decision to be as boring as possible. And you think of it, after four years of every day, the president driving the news. I think it’s probably smart politics on the Biden White House for people to wake up and not ask themselves, ‘What did the president tweet last night?’ ‘What did he say?’

I think you’ll see a very quiet Uncle Joe speaking and giving calm, soothing words. But the underlying policies that are being implemented, this is not a moderate agenda. This is not a unity agenda. This is a radical agenda. Biden has handed the Democratic Party over to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and AOC…”

When it came time for Biden to address Congress, however, Cruz, who was in attendance for the speech, put the emphasis on the “boring” part of his earlier remarks when he was caught on camera nodding off during various points.


Watch the moment below, via MRC-TV:

After Twitter users started tweeting about Cruz falling asleep while Biden spoke, the senator took to the Twitter machine and did not deny it. Instead, he owned the moment, and used the hashtag #BoringButRadical:

The inevitable memes started not long after, with this one being one of the more humorous ones:

There were other images shared as well of Cruz’s reactions to Biden’s remarks, including this one, which he also retweeted. Note the “come and take it” mask Cruz is wearing as Biden called for more gun control:

As to the nickname he earned last night, “Ted Snooze” trended into the early morning hours today. #SnoozeCruz also trended for a time, as some of Cruz’s more unhinged critics gave him some grief and compared him to the “Sleepy Joe” nickname given to Biden by President Trump.

Cruz had some company in the “dozing off” department, as it turned out. Here’s his colleague Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), also seen snoozing as Biden rambled on:


Though there were no nicknames assigned to Romney, Mollie Hemingway offered probably the best assessment of him taking a nap during the speech:

“This is the most relatable Mitt Romney has ever been,” she tweeted.

Falling asleep during presidential speeches is generally frowned upon, but I mean, considering what they had to listen to last night from Biden, can you really blame them?

On the other hand, Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) gave a speech worth watching and staying awake for. My colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell recapped it here.

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