Protests Reflect the Resolve That 'We Are Not Canceling Christmas'

Protests Reflect the Resolve That 'We Are Not Canceling Christmas'
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It is Christmas week, and there is a level of tired in this nation, and even the world, that I have not felt since 9-11. That was my first world-shattering event which I navigated from an adult perspective, and that altered the course of the way we relate to each other and the world around us.

What is tragic about this pandemic is that the enemy is not outside of us but within us. But just as terrorism and jihad altered how we view other humans, so has this damned virus. Just like the ugly leftist tropes of race and class, now, whether you are a vector of human transmission (and we all are) is being used as a bone of contention and separation to divide us, rather than unite us.

Blue and Red State elected officials continue to double down on stupid, with increased lockdowns that they know do not work, and cancellations of Holiday events in a time when we should be embracing life and celebration.

But some folks are not having it. One protestor in Brookfield, Ohio said simply, “We are not canceling Christmas.”

A Free Ohio Now group gathered on the lawn of the Brookfield Village Green on December 13 to protest Republican Governor Mike DeWine’s lockdown orders.

“ ‘He’s been trampling on our rights, especially first amendment, and then the whole curfew, everything. It just blows my mind, and we are not canceling Christmas,’ said Falisha Simeon of Brookfield.”

Further South, in the great state of North Carolina, local Republican groups gathered together to celebrate Christmas and protest Democrat Governor Roy Cooper’s requests to distance during the Holiday season.

“It was billed as part Christmas celebration, part peaceful protest, and at the end of the day, it seemed the two went hand-in-hand for local Republicans who gathered at the Smoky Mountain Events Center.

“Republican Women out of Swain County announcing the group was teaming up with Haywood County Republicans to host a Can’t ‘Coop’-Up Christmas Celebration, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the group’s defiance of Gov. Roy Cooper’s requests that people distance themselves during the holidays to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

My colleague Sister Toldjah, who is a resident of the state, has said, “Western North Carolina (The Mountain area) Republicans have a rebellious streak a mile long, so this is right up their alley!”

It’s right up mine, too—wished I could have taken part.

Then we travel furthest West, to California, where Governor Gavin Newsom has enacted some of the most draconian lockdowns to not only destroy any vestige of the Christmas spirit, but to destroy the businesses and livelihoods throughout the entire state. Actor Kirk Cameron, who has been a lightning rod of controversy since his very public spiritual conversion and demands on the television show Growing Pains in the 1990s, decided to hold a

“peaceful protest” against coronavirus pandemic restrictions Sunday, getting together hundreds of people in Southern California to sing Christmas carols.”


Thousands showed up in a Ventura County parking lot; no social distancing, few masks, but lots of caroling—as it should be during, as the songwriter says, the most wonderful time of the year.

Finally, the Canucks are also fed up.

In Toronto, Ontario, where health officials are strongly recommending a “4-6 week hard lockdown” with measures such as “stay-at-home” orders, “very strong control of traffic and gatherings”, and “curfews”, the people decided they were not going to comply.

The Post Millennial reported thousands of people came out for a Christmas parade/protests:

“According to brochures for the protest, the demonstration began in the morning with an outdoor church service followed by a Christmas toy drive and meet-and-greet with a Santa Claus. The parade began at noon, with demonstrators marching from Dundas Square north along Yonge Street until St. Clair Avenue.

“Floats and vehicles filled with both children and adults donning Christmas attire could be seen travelling up Yonge Street over the course of the early afternoon.”

Even the Toronto Police got wind of the protest, and were very nice in encouraging people not to attend.

And what Christmas protests would be complete without Santa Claus? Hopefully, he was not spouting woke nonsense like the Santa who refused the kid a Nerf gun, or COVID restriction warnings like Michigan Governor Gretchen Krampus-Whitmer’s propaganda. My favorite part was the signs that said, “Christmas is Essential”

I am with the Ohio lady—you are not canceling Christmas. The news media is doing all it can to not report the small and large events occurring that indicate people will embrace faith over fear, life over death, and joy and celebration over being shuttered away.


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