The Hypocrisy Bullet Train Adds Some Passengers: 5 CA Assemblymembers Dine Out While You're Locked Down

(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

California Assembly leaders made a big to-do of moving their swearing in ceremonies from the Capitol house to the Golden 1 Center to ensure lawmakers were able to observe social distancing. Four Democrat Assemblymembers and one Independent decided they could break the COVID regulations by going out to dinner after.


Assemblymembers Adrin Nazarian (D-CA46), Chad Mayes (I-CA42) and his fiancée, Tasha Boerner Horvath (D-CA76), Marc Levine (D-CA10), and Chris Ward (D-CA78) ate dinner at Maydoon, a new addition to the Sacramento restaurant scene.

While not the French Laundry—I could actually afford to eat here—and only open for patio dining (according to Maydoon’s website), it still violates King Gavin and his health officials’ diktats. His Hairfulness insists that people from no more than three households meet for a meal, even on a holiday. I’m sure he’ll mount a billboard soon with 80 million of our CARES money.

Kevin Kiley, an Asssemblyman who I am sure went home to eat, thinks this is a bang up idea… just kidding.


Last time I checked, none of these people were related. Mayes and his fiancée, notwithstanding. But that didn’t stop King Gavin and his health officials either, so they are only following his example.

Wonder if these public servants will claim it as per diem? Your tax dollars at work.

By-the-by, young Chad Mayes also took a vacation to Maui for that Independent Voter Project “networking” junket in November, when the state was supposed to be under travel restrictions. So, he had already had a ticket for the Hypocrisy train.

Sacramento is not one of the Counties that is under Newsom’s Stay-at-Home restrictions (now isn’t that convenient?), but four of those five Assemblymembers are from Southern California, which his Hairfulness has put under House arrest, as well as closed in-person dining. I can attest that many residents and restaurants have had enough and are making their voices known. Yet, while their constituents suffer, continue to lose their businesses and livelihoods, and stand in food lines, these yahoos get to dine out, and we get to pay for it.

Step right up! Take your seat alongside King Gavin and company on the Hypocrisy Bullet Train. It may be time to add another car; if they keep this up, they’ll be running out of seats.


A Sacramento Bee reporter had the stones to ask them about their decision to dine out,

“Nazarian responded by asking ‘Can we not have dinner?’ ”

According to the King Gavin, no, you can’t. But do pull the privilege card—it seems every other elected Democrat official in this state has.

“Levine said they were ‘supporting a local business,’ and pulled his mask from his pocket when asked whether the members had face coverings.”

How about supporting the California citizens by following protocols and doing some actual work on their behalf while you’re up there?


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