Anti-Lockdown and #LetUsWork Protests are the New Normal in California

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

One of the things that are exempt from Governor Gavin Newsom’s Stay-At-Home Orders are protests, and Californians are taking advantage of that to express their ire over the draconian measures Newsom, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, The “Crypt Keeper” L.A. Health Director Barbara Ferrer, and other elected and appointed officials use to demoralize and destroy citizens mental and physical health, and to destroy local business and the economy.


There is really no other way to see it. Studies have shown that lockdowns do little to nothing to slow the spread of COVID. The Governor, Crypt Keeper Ferrer, and others, like Board of Supervisors Sheila Kuehl have not come up with any quantifiable science that justifies what they are allowing to happen in California. Even if they could, no one would believe them. Instead, people are taking it to the streets, and more importantly, taking it to these elected officials homes.

Barbara Ferrer was paid a visit last Monday, after Thanksgiving:

“Roughly 50 demonstrators outside the Echo Park residence of Los Angeles County public health director Barbara Ferrer on Sunday voiced their disgust with the three-week “safer at home” order that takes effect Mondaythe Los Angeles Times reported.

“Few of the protesters targeting Ferrer, who unveiled the new measures Friday affecting the nation’s most populous county, had masks on as they called on her to “open LA,” the newspaper reported.

“The demonstrators also chanted “No science, no data, no shutdown” but remained peaceful until the crowds broke up at about 5:30 p.m., the newspaper reported.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti has had #BlockGarcetti protestors in front of his home for 13 days, and police are now being told to push back. Yesterday’s protest grew contentious and arrests were made.


The BLM-LA run protests are focused on preventing Garcetti from taking a cabinet position in the Biden-Harris administration so he can take care of the city he was tasked to run. While these protests are effective in their consistency, it does not appear to be moving the needle on preventing Biden from using Garcetti. Garcetti was one of four Biden allies named as co-chair of the inaugural committee. Other than playing dictator and preening, running the City of Los Angeles is something he has continually failed to do. The homeless are also exempt from these Safer-At-Home orders, as they have neither safety or a home. Four a day are found dead under various circumstances not related to COVID.

Yet, Garcetti is rewarded, while small business owners like Angela Marsden of the Pineapple Hill Saloon are forced to shut down. Marsden’s words are powerful and her original video rightly went viral. In this video with Dave Rubin, Marsden highlights the hypocrisy and the deliberate hoops created by these elected officials in order to ensure that the businesses shut down rather than remain open.

Which brings us to Los Angeles Board of Supervisors’ Sheila Kuehl, the author of Angela Marsden’s discontent. Kuehl’s ridiculous last lunch at Il Forno after she voted to ban outdoor dining in Los Angeles County because of COVID safety concerns has received nationwide coverage for its nuclear-grade hypocrisy. This weekend, protestors chose Kuehl’s home for a visit.


These outcries of anger, frustration, and discontent are the New Normal in California, but probably not the new normal these elected officials envisioned.


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