The Biden Impeachment Plan: Republican Lawmaker Reveals Their 4-Pronged Strategy

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Are Republicans getting closer to impeaching President Joe Biden? There has been much speculating on the right about such an eventuality. After a barrage of politically-motivated indictments against former President Donald Trump, members of the conservative base seem to be ready for the shoe to be placed on the other foot for a change.


Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) gave Republican voters reason to be optimistic in an op-ed published Friday. In the piece, the lawmaker noted that many of his constituents want to see Biden impeached:

I have received countless questions from South Carolina’s Third District about impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden. My constituents and all of America deserve an honest answer as to how House Republicans are working to hold the Biden administration accountable. So far, House Republicans have held 565 oversight hearings, forced 561 Biden officials to testify under oath, and issued 45 subpoenas.

With so many issues surrounding the Biden Crime Family and the abuse of government, Republicans in the House are building a case for impeachment through 4 Committees: Homeland Security, Ways & Means, Oversight & Accountability, and Judiciary.

Duncan then went through the four main issues Republicans are exploring for a potential impeachment effort. He explained how the “Homeland Security Committee is focusing on Joe Biden allowing the invasion at our southern border where over 5.5 million illegal border crossings have occurred since Biden took office.” The lawmaker emphasized that the White House “must answer why the cartel is controlling our southwest border and why fentanyl is freely flowing across our borders and causing countless deaths here in America.


He then moved on to the “two-tiered judicial system” in the IRS and Justice Department that has protected Hunter Biden from scrutiny and legal repercussions. He noted that the committee will seek to end “preferential” treatment for those who are members of the ruling class.

Duncan brought up the Biden family’s alleged shady business dealings with foreign entities. “They are following the money trail to see where it leads to and from in relation to the Biden Crime Family and their foreign connections—otherwise known as the Chinese Communist Party,” he wrote.

Last, but not least, Duncan mentioned Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) effort to expose “the weaponization of both the FBI and the DOJ” while putting “an end to Biden’s censoring of Americans.”

This all sounds well and good to folks on the right. But are Republicans actually going to follow through? The signs seem to suggest they will, eventually. These four issues, along with the Biden bribery scandal, have shown there is more than enough smoke to explore whether there is a fire. Moreover, at least some Republicans recognize that they will have to go on the offensive at some point if they want a chance to avoid getting annihilated in the 2024 elections.

Impeaching the president will drag the country through more political drama, which makes it a risky gambit for Republicans. But Democrats have already been doing this with the politically-motivated indictments they have levied against Trump. At this point, Republicans need as much of a counter-narrative as they can get. Fortunately for them, the Biden family seems to have generously provided copious amounts of ammunition.


Republicans would not be impeaching Biden because they actually expect to remove him from office. Democrats in the Senate will almost certainly vote against conviction unless my pie-in-the-sky conspiracy theory proves to be correct. Nevertheless, this does not mean Republicans won’t have done considerable political damage depending on what their investigations and hearings turn up. If the GOP plays its cards right, it might have an effective answer to the Democrats’ effort to weaponize the justice system against Trump.


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