What if Democrats Voted for Impeachment to Get Rid of Joe Biden?

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If you don’t already think I’m crazy, you just might after reading this. But anyone who has been watching politics over the past decade knows that things are already insane enough for this scenario to play out. What would happen if House Republicans impeached President Joe Biden and then Democrats in the Senate voted to convict him so they can run a better candidate in 2024?


Before you start trying to have me committed, at least let me make my case.

For starters, we already know that a high percentage of Democratic voters don’t want Uncle Joe to run for a second term. The Associated Press published the result of a poll showing that less than half of Democrats want the president to represent them in the upcoming election:

Only about half of Democrats think President Joe Biden should run again in 2024, a poll shows, but a large majority say they’d be likely to support him if he became the nominee.

The poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that 26% of Americans overall want to see Biden run again — a slight recovery from the 22% who said that in January. Forty-seven percent of Democrats say they want him to run, also up slightly from only 37% who said that in January.

Monmouth University also published a study showing similar results:

Even though most Democrats hold a favorable opinion of President Joe Biden, only one in four would want him to run for a second term. More than 4 in 10 would prefer to see the incumbent step aside in favor of another candidate according to a Monmouth (“Mon-muth”) University Poll of self-identified Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters. These voters, however, do not have a clear idea of who they would like to see as the party’s nominee in Biden’s stead.

But wait, there’s more!

Remember last year when Biden generously offered to help certain Democratic congressional candidates during their campaigns in the midterm elections? If so, you might also remember that many of these contenders responded with “Thanks, but no thanks.” The old man was clearly viewed as more of a liability than a benefit:


In a piece titled “As Biden turns toward midterms, he may not be the top surrogate,” the Post surveyed dozens of Democrats, scoured their ads, social media, and websites, and realized that Joe Biden seems to be deeply unpopular this midterm cycle. Of the 60 or so Democrats they asked, very few said they wanted Biden (or anyone from his administration, actually) to come campaign with them.

He’s being attacked more often in televised ads than Obama was at this point in 2010, or Trump was in 2018. He goes largely unnamed on Democratic campaign websites and Twitter accounts. And candidates in key races in battleground states are either not asking him to come — or actively avoiding him when he does, according to a Washington Post survey of more than 60 candidates in the most competitive gubernatorial, U.S. Senate and congressional campaigns in the country.

Few candidates said they wanted Biden to campaign for them in their state or district, with many not responding to the question at all. The Post also asked if candidates wanted Vice President Harris as a surrogate campaigner for the Biden administration and got the same set of unenthusiastic responses.

Considering these factors, and the fact that Biden insists on running for a second term, what better way for Democrats to get rid of him than to remove him from office? Yes, this would mean that Black Hillary would occupy the Oval Office until the next election is concluded. But this does not necessarily mean they would need to run her for 2024. She could serve as more of a placeholder until they get someone else.


This would give Democrats a chance to select a better candidate to run against the Republican nominee. Wouldn’t it be nice, from their point of view, to have a contender who can form a complete sentence and not get lost on stage after making speeches? Someone like California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his hair gel would probably fit the bill nicely, wouldn’t he?

Moreover, executing this type of plan would not even need all Democrats to vote in favor of conviction. It would only take a few of them to vote “yes,” while the others can vote “no,” and pretend to be bummed out about it. Sure, there is a chance that those voting in favor might have to fall on their swords. But it might not be as big of a deal if, say, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, along with another colleague who is on their way out of office, were to do the deed.

Yes, I know it’s a long shot. It probably won’t happen. But in this era in American history, one can never say never, right?



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