Trump Throws Down the Gauntlet: Threatens House GOP Over Impeaching Biden

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Former President Donald Trump just sent a scathing threat to House Republicans who remain hesitant about impeaching President Joe Biden. During remarks at a recent campaign rally, Trump indicated that he might use his influence to go on the warpath against the squishier types.


Given the former president’s past behavior, it would make sense to take his threat seriously. But will it be enough to push lawmakers into action?

Trump minced no words while speaking at the rally:

Former President Trump vowed to support primary challenges against House GOP lawmakers who refuse to impeach President Biden.

During a campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, the Republican presidential candidate expressed his frustration with House Republicans who “don’t do anything” about the corruption allegations against Biden.

“The biggest complaint I get … is that the Republicans find out this information and then they do nothing about it! They don’t do anything about it!” he said.

Trump criticized Republicans for not having a fighting spirit, even with all the Democrats have done to him.

“They’re good people, but they don’t fight the way they’re supposed to fight. The others are dirty, sick players, and the Republicans are very high class. They’ve got to be a little bit lower class,” he added.

Trump then threatened Republicans who refuse to “act on Democrat fraud,” arguing they “should be immediately primaried and get out.”

“They have to play tough and they have to be — and honestly, if they’re not willing to do it, we got a lot of good, tough Republicans around that people are going to run against them and people are going to win and they’re going to get my endorsement every single time and they’re going to win because we win almost every race when we endorse,” he said.


During the 2022 midterm elections, Trump boosted the primary opponents of several Republican lawmakers who had voted in favor of Democrats’ politically-motivated efforts to impeach him. Several of these officials lost their races or stepped down before they could suffer the oncoming shellacking.

Regardless of the impact of Trump’s threats, he might just get his wish sooner rather than later. While Senate Republicans remain hesitant about impeaching Biden, House Republicans, including Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), seem to be warming up to the idea as it would provide a decent political counterpoint to the myriad of Democrat-inspired indictments against the former president:

The proceedings, which would be the first step before bringing articles of impeachment, could be as fast or as slow as the House GOP would like—meaning it could stretch well into the 2024 campaign season. While the effort is destined to go nowhere in the Democratic-controlled Senate, it’s a sign that the coming election will be fought beyond the conventional venues of the campaign trail. It will play out in courthouses throughout the country, where former President Donald Trump will defend himself against multiple criminal prosecutions, and the halls of Congress, where Republicans hope to put Biden on trial simultaneously.

That, say Democrats, and some Republicans in private, is the point. Trump and his supporters, they insist, want an answer to the courtroom dramas he will face with the election in full swing, and an impeachment proceeding on the House floor fits the bill.  “It’s all about protecting Trump and stirring up the waters and blurring the differences between Trump and Biden,” says Jim Manley, a former aide to the late Democratic Senators Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy.


There is already plenty of pressure on Republican lawmakers to act against Biden and members of his cabinet. A number of whistleblowers, many of whom have already testified before Congress, have emerged and spilled the beans on the Biden family’s shady practices. It appears there is just enough “there” there to warrant impeachment. Democrats did it to Trump for far less, didn’t they? Either way, it appears that the reckoning for Biden is going to come at some point. Perhaps the former president just sped the process along.


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