Four Questions About the Biden Bribery Scandal That the American Public Should Want Answered

House Republicans have released the form detailing allegations that President Joe Biden and his son Hunter received $5 million each as bribes from a Ukrainian business executive and the FBI has some ‘splainin’ to do. While the documents in question have not yet been verified, it raises a series of questions that the American public should be asking of its government as more information about the Biden family’s shady business dealings.

The recently released FD-1023 form has shed new light on the alleged $10 million bribery scandal involving Hunter and Joe Biden and Ukrainian energy company Burisma’s founder, Mykola Zlochevsky. Despite certain details being public knowledge for the past few weeks, the form itself contains additional crucial information.

Created on June 30, 2020, following telephonic communications between the Confidential Human Source (CHS) and their handler, the form raises serious concerns about the FBI’s verification process, given the sensitive nature of the allegations involving the sitting President and his family. Questions arise about the justification for keeping the source information confidential when it is fueling congressional investigations and impacting public perception and political developments.

Moreover, with the information being challenged and contradicted by Democrats, it is essential to understand the steps taken by the FBI to address discrepancies and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information presented. The FBI’s admonishment of lawmakers for releasing the form publicly, citing risks to the source’s safety, also raises questions about the agency’s true motives in this affair.

Here are a few questions which the American public should be demanding of the government and the FBI.

For starters, what actions has the FBI taken to corroborate or verify the information provided by the CHS regarding the alleged scheme to bribe President Biden, particularly when it involves sensitive matters of national security and public interest? When the report was first made, why didn’t the Bureau investigate further?

One would think that the gravity of the allegations, involving the sitting president and his family, underscores the need for rigorous investigation and verification, right? Understanding the extent to which the FBI has undertaken steps to corroborate, or cover up, the information provided by the CHS and ascertain its credibility before its dissemination and usage in congressional investigations would be pretty important.

Next, I would like to know how the Bureau can justify keeping the source information confidential when the information is being used to fuel congressional investigations into the Biden family, potentially impacting public perception and an upcoming election. As this information shapes ongoing congressional investigations, public discourse, and even political decisions, the need for transparency becomes even more critical. To channel Nixon, the American public needs to know whether its president is a crook.

Given that the information in the FD-1023 form has been challenged and contradicted by Democrats and others involved, what steps has the FBI taken to address these discrepancies and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information? It seems more than likely that Democrats are only trying to cast doubt on the allegations for political purposes. However, why does it seem like the FBI is still no longer interested in pursuing the matter to set the record straight?

Why did the FBI admonish lawmakers for releasing the FD-1023 form publicly, citing risks to the safety of the confidential source, when the information in question has already been shared and discussed by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress? If this was truly a threat to safety, then what additional precautions should the agency have taken to protect the source while still allowing for transparency and oversight of government actions? Or, was this admonition simply out of frustration at the Bureau’s possible corruption in covering up for the Biden family?

The FBI’s admonishment of lawmakers raises concerns about the potential risks faced by the confidential source. However, it is essential to understand why such a warning was issued after the information had already been shared with members of both parties in Congress.

To sum it up, the Biden bribery scandal has ignited intense scrutiny and controversy surrounding the FBI’s handling of the FD-1023 form and the sensitive information it contains. As the nation seeks clarity and truth, these questions, and many more, must be addressed. The people deserve to know what its top law enforcement agency has been up to. If it is determined that agents acted in a politically-motivated effort to hide information that could place members of the Biden family under legal scrutiny, then there must be accountability.



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