Report Exposes How Many Schools Are Transing Kids Without Their Parents' Knowledge

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You may have noticed by now that folks on the left defending the effort to trans children in K-12 schools are still arguing that it is not happening. They claim conservatives and libertarians worried about such a thing are simply being bigoted reactionaries, using children to demonize members of the LGBTQ community.


Despite numerous reports detailing how educators and members of school staff have promoted transgender ideology among children and have even helped many of these students “transition” to the opposite sex, progressives claim this is nothing more than a myth. But now, parental rights advocacy group Parents Defending Education (PDE) has exposed even more of this malfeasance occurring in the classroom.

Last Wednesday, PDE published a report displaying the various school districts that have established policies allowing – and requiring teachers to conceal a student’s chosen gender identity from parents. In these school districts, kids can “socially transition” to the opposite gender by using an opposite-sex name and dressing in opposite-sex clothing – all without their parents being notified. In some instances, educators are required to deceive parents, using a child’s given name in front of them during conferences while using the child’s chosen name when their parents are not present.

Take the Long Beach Unified School District in California, for example. Its policy mandates that “A parent or legal guardian or a student, with or without the consent of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) may request that their student be known by a name and/or gender differing from that on the legal verification of birth.”


The document explains that “a transgender student may wish to use and be known by a name and gender reflective of their gender identity or gender expression” and that schools must “maintain mandatory permanent record that includes a student’s legal name and legal gender.”

LBUSD also mandates that students who are unable to complete a request for a system-based name/gender change “still maintain their rights to assert their identity on campus regardless of parent(s) or legal guardian(s) consent.”

Even further, the document tells educators that if a student “requests that parent or legal guardian not be informed of this change,” members of the staff are “still obligated to honor their request” and that they “must be cognizant of the name and pronouns used the classroom, as opposed to the name used in communications to the parent or legal guardian.”

Scary stuff, right?

Here’s one from Kent School District in Washington state. It reads:

The principal or building administrator or an appropriate, designated school employee is encouraged to request a meeting with a transgender or gender-expansive student upon the student’s enrollment in the district or in response to a currently enrolled student’s change of gender expression or identity. Before contacting a student’s parents, the school will consult with the student about the student’s preferences regarding family involvement and honor those preferences


The policy notes that school staff “should adopt practices to avoid the inadvertent disclosure of the student’s transgender or gender-expansive status” and that the district will alter a student’s official records to reflect a legal name change when it receives a “written, signed affidavit explaining that the student has exercised common-law name change.” It notes that “[s]tudents 14 years or older may make this request without parental consent.”

This is merely a small sampling of the policies outlined in PDE’s report. In fact, the organization found that about 169 school districts, which include 6,086 individual schools have these types of policies in place. This represents over 3,300,000 million students total – and the organization notes that “this list is not comprehensive,” so these numbers are likely much higher.

Nicole Neily, president of PDE, told the New York Post that this list “only begins to scratch the surface of what is taking place behind closed doors in America’s schools.”

“This investigation shows that parental exclusion policies are a problem from coast-to-coast — and that living in a red state doesn’t mean that families are automatically shielded from this issue,” she said.


At this point, homeschooling should become an even more attractive option for parents seeking to shield their children from what is happening in public and private schools. This is even more proof that a wholesale effort to push transgenderism on children is in full swing – and these people are not going to let up anytime soon.


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