Surgeon's Videos Show Just How Gruesome Transing Children Is

AP Photo/Armando Franca

The Cult of Transgenderism has become even more emboldened over the past few years. After a time when the idea that children should be encouraged to alter and mutilate their bodies would be unthinkable, these people are becoming increasingly aggressive in their attempts to trans the children.

We have seen this happening in schools, Pride events, and even drag shows. Indeed, some churches are even getting in on the act.

But the ultimate outcome of this indoctrination effort is quite grisly. The blunt truth is that kids are taking body-altering drugs that have irreversible effects on their growth. Even more gruesome is that many are undergoing brutal surgeries in an effort to do the impossible: Become the opposite sex. This is happening as a result of in-depth persuasion efforts on the kids and their parents, who are emotionally blackmailed into believing their sons and daughters will commit suicide if they are not allowed to go through social, medical, and surgical “transitions,” which is also known as “gender-affirming care.”

Enter Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher, a plastic surgeon based in Miami, who has been shooting TikTok videos in which she advertises the “gender-affirming” surgeries she provides for adolescents. The Daily Caller reported:

Gallagher’s TikTok profile contains hundreds of videos about transgender-related surgeries she performs, some of which include photos or videos of her young patients showing off mastectomy scars. Her videos are part of the pro-medicalization, transgender-affirming trend encouraging young people on social media to pursue biomedical interventions.

The author also noted that the surgeon’s “website doesn’t list age restrictions on its gender affirmation page and instead states that ‘it may well be much more detrimental to the patient to wait until the age of 18 for surgery.’”

However, she does indicate that “feminizing bottom surgery” should generally be done on a patient who is over 18 in one of her videos.

Gallagher’s videos feature her answering questions from those considering surgery. These questions include “how to initiate the process, how to prepare for surgery, whether to keep or remove their nipples following a mastectomy and how fake testicles are made during genital surgery,” according to The Daily Caller.

Most of her videos discuss what is called “top surgery,” which is just another name for a double mastectomy, which is performed often on girls who believe they are transgender men. She also shows pictures of her previous patients after their surgeries, most of whom are teenagers. This has actually been a common practice among teenage girls who have undergone top surgery ostensibly to become male – they proudly display their chest scars on TikTok, YouTube, and other social media outlets.

But it gets even more disturbing. “In one clip, Gallagher explains that following double-incision top surgery with a free nipple graft, the most common “top surgery” in the U.S., the nipples are completely removed then grafted back on, and sensation only returns for 80% of patients within a year after the procedure. In another, she discusses how patients determine whether to keep their nipples of have them removed completely,” the author wrote.

“Probably about 20% of my patients opt to go nip-free. Now the reason some folks do this is this is what’s going to be most affirming for them,” Gallagher said in one of her videos. “Some folks describe dysphoria associated with the nips themselves, and most people just want that clean look of the nip-free chest. One tip patients have taught me is to look at a lot of results and just find what resonates with you and what you would find most affirming.”

This story is terrible enough. But when one realizes that there are many more Dr. Gallaghers all around the country, performing the exact same operations on countless numbers of boys and girls, the situation becomes even more worse.

Stories like this are precisely why those who see how evil this movement is must do everything we can to fight back. The fact that we are even in a position in which we have to battle people who want to mutilate children shows just how depraved things have become. But all is not lost. The majority of Americans are against these practices – but most do not know it is even happening on this scale. The more this is exposed, the easier the fight will become.


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