Here’s Why the Chesapeake and Colorado Springs Shootings Will Soon Fade Into Distant Memory

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In the span of three days, America has seen two high-profile mass shootings. The first occurred in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Saturday when a shooter opened fire in a gay nightclub, killing five people. The second happened in Chesapeake, Virginia, when another individual killed six people (and himself) at a Walmart.

Democrats and their close friends and allies in the activist media, in both instances, rushed to make political hay of the tragedies. They used the deaths to promote more restrictive gun laws on law-abiding Americans, ostensibly to decrease the frequency of these mass shootings.

But after more information has come out about both shootings, it is clear they will both fade into distant memory by the end of the week.


Because neither of these incidents is as useful to the left as they previously thought. Indeed, after the facts emerged, it was apparent that they would have a hard time exploiting them politically.

For starters, the shooting at Walmart doesn’t do much to contribute to the left’s narrative about mass shootings. Andre Bing, the alleged shooter who also committed suicide after the shooting, appears to be black or Hispanic. This was evident from the moment he was identified, and major outlets like CNN did not display his picture in their immediate coverage. For this shooting to be useful to the left, the alleged perpetrator would have to be a straight white male, preferably one wearing a MAGA hat.

Secondly, Bing did not use an AR-15 or another “weapon of war” to carry out the attack. Instead, he used a pistol, which is the most common type of firearm in mass shootings. This means that this evil act would not bolster President Joe Biden’s calls for a ban on “assault weapons” despite the fact that handguns can be just as dangerous as a rifle in these types of shootings. Democrats know that trying to ban handguns is about as good an idea as eating yellow snow, which is why they are starting with scary-looking long guns first.

Lastly, Bing was likely not motivated by far right-wing ideology. He was a manager at the store and had problems with some of his co-workers, according to witnesses. The motive is not yet clear, but it is unlikely that there was anything that could be politically exploited.

In the case of the individual who attacked patrons at Club Q in Colorado Springs, the narrative progressives were building has already fallen apart three days after the incident. This shooting was admittedly more likely to be useful to Democrats for political purposes. It appeared to have all the hallmarks of the type of incident progressives could leverage against their opposition.

Firstly, the shooting happened at a gay club, a fact that Democrats attempted to use to lay the blame for the deaths at the feet of conservatives speaking out against the sexualization of children. Indeed, it only took about seven seconds after the story broke for them to go on television and social media to claim Republicans are responsible for inspiring the assault despite not knowing any other facts about the case.

Moreover, Anderson Aldrich, the alleged assailant, used an AR-15 to carry out the crime. This factoid made progressives even more eager to politicize the shooting, arguing that more gun control legislation is needed to curtail these incidents.

Nevertheless, it was later revealed that the suspect is a member of the LGBTQ community. The defendant’s attorneys noted in a court filing that the individual identifies as “non-binary” and goes by they/them pronouns. When this information came to light on Tuesday night, it was a clear nail in the coffin of the narrative progressives were hoping to promote.

But this did not stop a CNN panel from attempting to keep the narrative going, even if they had to violate some of the tenets of wokeism to do so. Indeed, they were more than willing to continue misgendering the shooter while claiming the person was only pretending to be non-binary to avoid hate crime charges.

What is truly unfortunate about these stories is that they will no longer receive the attention they deserve because the left-wing activist media can’t use them to advance the progressive agenda. To them, the only thing these shootings are good for is disarming law-abiding citizens and attacking their political opponents.

Regrettably, this ensures that these problems will persist. The left is not serious about curbing gun violence and mass shootings; they are focused only on using them to accomplish their political objectives, which have little to do with protecting Americans.


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