Mass Shooter Kills 7 at a Chesapeake Walmart

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

A gunman opened fire at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia on Tuesday night, killing seven people (including himself). This mass shooting comes only three days after the assault on an LGBTQ club in Colorado that occurred on Saturday.


WAVY reported:

Police say there were multiple counts of both dead and injured found inside the building, where the shooting occurred. A greeter on duty at the time told WAVY the shooting started in the back of the store. One person was also found deceased outside the front entrance.

The call reporting the shooting came in at 10:12 p.m. Tuesday, when the Walmart Supercenter was still open to the public. Night shift workers had just recently checked in.

A witness who was present during the attack told reporters that the alleged shooter was a manager at the store. She said 14 employees were in a meeting room to discuss their duties for their shift when the gunfire started. The witness said she believes the assault was planned beforehand and targeted other managers at the store and that she heard the suspect laughing during the attack.

The shooter is believed to have died during the attack. Police believe there was only one assailant involved in the attack.

According to another report:

In a 30-minute timespan, police from across multiple agencies responded in force to secure the scene. FBI agents could be seen at the scene, and ATF agents were also en route.


Leo Kolinski, a spokesman for the Chesapeake Police Department, explained that “[a]s police arrived on scene, they realized it was an active shooter situation and we had to change our tactics.”

He said he does not believe officers killed the shooter, insinuating that he committed suicide after the assault. The gunman is believed to have used a pistol to carry out the mass shooting.

This is the latest of a series of high-profile mass shootings that have occurred this year. The usual calls for more gun control laws started shortly after reports of the shooting surfaced.


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