Now That the Midterms Are Over, It’s About to Get Ugly

AP Photo/Nick Wagner

If you thought the midterm election season was ugly, you ain’t seen nothing yet. What is coming next in American politics is going to make this past year look like a waltz through Candyland.

With the congressional elections coming to a close, all eyes are going to turn to 2024. With Republicans in control of the House and possibly the Senate, the GOP will finally be in a position of power that it can use against President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats.

If House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s declarations earlier this year are sincere, the Republicans will be going on the offensive in a way that is sure to rattle the cages of Democrats and their comrades in the activist media. They will be launching a slew of investigations designed to unearth as much political dirt as humanly possible.

Hunter Biden, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, the politicization of the Justice Department and FBI, and the White House’s mishandling of the migrant crisis will all be fair game. The GOP has already been laying the groundwork for probes into most of these matters. While they will likely not result in indictments or any such action, they will reveal issues the Biden administration and Democrats would rather remain hidden.

Moreover, the Democratic House Select Jan. 6 Committee will be dissolved, meaning the left will no longer have the riot at the U.S. Capitol to wield as a cudgel against the right. Indeed, it will be conservatives who are on the offensive.

These moves make for a more contentious epoch in American governance. Democrats will complain about the investigations regardless of whether they reveal damning information. They will accuse Republicans of all types of malfeasance, and the media activists in the Fourth Estate will gladly parrot their talking points and run cover for their close friends and allies. We can also expect Big Tech companies to censor accordingly. They will likely crack down on those sharing the reports that ultimately come from the GOP’s investigations. Elon Musk’s Twitter might just be the only major platform that will be safe.

Of course, we would be remiss to forget about the FBI’s investigation into former President Donald Trump and the Justice Department’s targeting of his associates. These agencies went silent on these investigations over the past few months because taking overt action would come off as if they were trying to influence the outcomes of the midterm elections.

But now that the races are wrapping up, we can expect to see them launch a full-court offense against everything Trump. It would not be shocking to see a series of indictments handed down against the former president and those in his inner circle. The Bureau knows such a move will further tear the nation apart – but they do not care if it means they can prevent the Orange Man What Is Bad™ from seeking another term in the White House.

If and when the indictments are announced, the left will celebrate. They will claim this is proof positive that Trump is the American version of Hitler and that he should go to prison. Folks on the right will see this as yet another way the left is weaponizing the federal government against their political opponents.

These two eventualities don’t even take into consideration anything else that might come up over the next two years as both sides fight to determine who will occupy the Oval Office in 2024. In this political climate, pretty much anything can and will happen. As much as I hate to say it, America is in for a tumultuous next few years. While I am still optimistic about the future, I believe it will get worse before it gets better.


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