Transing Kids Is Big Business

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One of the most common questions I’ve seen asked about the so-called progressive movement to encourage transgenderism among children is: Why?

Why are these people so intent on foisting a lifestyle on children that has done so much damage? What is the objective in convincing kids and their parents to allow them to go through questionable medical and surgical procedures?

I’ve often asked this question myself.

There are likely several different motivations behind this endeavor. But one of the primary factors influencing this movement is – you guessed it – money. What most people don’t know is that transing children is a big bucks industry, and those involved are getting quite wealthy from mutilating children and getting them to take drugs that cause irreversible damage.

I wrote previously about a doctor who has had quite the payday from prescribing puberty blockers to children. Dr. Stephen Rosenthal, co-founder and medical director of the University of California San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Gender Center, was paid thousands of dollars between 2015 and 2021 from two pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these medications for children.

Rosenthal is an ardent proponent of “gender-affirming care,” which involves encouraging and helping minor children supposedly transition to the opposite gender. It involves social, medical, and even surgical methods to achieve this end.

Reports have demonstrated that doctors are more likely to prescribe drugs when they have received payments or other types of remuneration from the companies that manufacture them. Rosenthal is not the only medical professional who is pushing these types of treatments and making oodles of cash from this industry.

Puberty blockers are quickly becoming a cash cow of sorts for physicians who are on the “gender-affirming care” train. In a post on her Substack, Corinna Cohn, who went through a gender transition in the 1990s, outlined how the prescribing of these drugs can be an ongoing source of income.

“According to WPATH SOC8, gender clinicians may exercise the judgment to start hormone blockers in children at Tanner Stage 2 in their development,” she writes. “For girls, this may be age 9. For boys, age 11.”

Cohn further explains that most kids who begin taking puberty blockers go on to start taking cross-sex hormones, which is also known as gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT). “This whole protocol works in contradiction to the child’s natural endocrine system. At this point, irreversible changes have happened.”

She continues:

If hormone replacement continues, permanent changes occur. Girls masculinize. Her body will grow more hair, her voice will deepen, and she will accumulate more muscle. Boys will have their skin soften and they will begin to grow breasts. Even with hormone replacement, a body that is meant to follow a female sexual developmental pattern will not become male. And males will not become female. At this point, the body’s natural endocrine system is suppressed and smothered by prescription drugs.

Cohn breaks down the costs of these drugs, one of which is Lupron, which costs “hundreds of dollars a month,” but can also cost thousands. For girls who believe they are actually males, testosterone is one of the drugs of choice. For males who believe they are females, estrogen is often prescribed. Both of these can be quite expensive.

Since it is impossible for a human being to change their sex, the children taking these drugs need a steady supply, which means they will continue paying doctors for appointments and pharmacies for the treatments. Pharmaceutical companies are raking it in because of this.

But this doesn’t stop, even if a child goes through surgical treatments. Cohn noted that whether the person is male or female, they will still have to take external hormones to keep their body functioning after cutting off vital body parts. This will continue for the rest of the person’s life.

Transing children is becoming even more of a big business since there has been a significant increase in the number of children identifying as transgender. In fact, the rise in these numbers is so drastic, it is impossible to believe it is wholly organic. This is not a situation in which children are becoming more comfortable coming out as transgender.

These kids are being influenced by schools, hospitals, social media, and other outside sources to embrace this lifestyle, which, in many cases, results in the destruction of their bodies.

To put it simply, by pushing this ideology amongst minors, they are creating more customers, which means they are opening up new revenue streams. This is one of the main reasons why progressives are pushing so hard to convince children that they are transgender, regardless of the truth. The ugly truth is that these folks are willing to contribute to the destruction of children’s bodies to earn a few more dollars. This is yet another reason why they must be stopped.


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