MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross Rails Against Minority Candidates for Not Being Democrats

AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Yet another black progressive media activist has lashed out at racial minorities for not being Democrats. So far, we have MSNBC’s Joy Reid and commentator Jemele Hill making racist comments about “people of color” for not being firmly in the progressive camp. But MSBNC’s Tiffany Cross also weighed in with the same type of asinine bovine excrement expressed by her contemporaries.


During a Saturday morning broadcast with former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, Cross slammed minority Republican candidates for supposedly not being “voices of color,” whatever the hell that means.

“Despite the fact the GOP’s racist rhetoric has not slowed at all, they have begun hyping up, get this, their ‘diverse’ candidates,” she said while forming air quotes with her hands. “According to numbers provided by the National Republican Congressional Committee, 80 Republican incumbents or candidates on the ballot next month are women, 33 are Latino, 28 are black, 13 are Asian and three are native Americans.”

“But faces of color do not always equate to voices of color,” Cross added. “As our own NBC’s Scott Wong points out in his good reporting, the leadership will almost be entirely composed of white men. Really, this sounds more like the political equivalent of ‘some of my best friends are black.’”

“I will kick it up with you, Michael,” Cross continued. “Because, you and I have had this conversation so many times on camera and off camera, you are my only Republican friend, I think, my friend. Here is a thing, Michael. Like I said, these are faces of color. Not voices of color. The last voice of color I remember being active in the Republican Party was you.”

Cross’ comments come weeks after she scolded black men for having the temerity to pull away from the Democratic Party because they failed to provide solutions for the black community. During another broadcast, she said:


[Black men] felt ignored, but you feel ignored, and then you go over to the other side. The oppressed feel oppressed. So then you go and try to align with the oppressor. So I’m not putting black men down, but sometimes it’s like, well, some of you Kevin Samuels following Tariq Nasheed-quoting people, please look at the truth and see what’s happening and get in line with some of the black women.

This makes three prominent black progressives in the media who excoriated minorities for rejecting the Democrats in the span of a weekend. It is almost as if they got the memo from their white progressive bosses to go all out against nonwhites who don’t toe the leftist line. I almost look forward to their unhinged reactions when it turns out that more minorities voted Republican in November than in the past. The one thing I can say about these people is that they do put on an entertaining show.


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