Jemele Hill Is Big Mad at Hispanics for Liking Ron DeSantis

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The takes coming from progressives keep getting dumber and dumber. Media activist Jemele Hill apparently didn’t want to be outdone by MSNBC’s Joy Reid after she intimated that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is popular with Hispanic voters because white supremacists have somehow infiltrated their communities in the Sunshine State.


On Saturday, Hill commented on the news that DeSantis is winning favor with Hispanics, especially in Miami-Dade County, which typically votes blue. According to Hill, this development is supposedly due to Hispanics having more “proximity to whiteness.” She tweeted:

That proximity to whiteness is a real thing. Also reminds me of an adage I heard a long time ago about how the oppressed begin to take on the traits of the oppressor.

Naturally, her asinine comment was met with ridicule and criticism from sane folks on Twitter. Zaid Jilani, solutions reporter at NewsNation, responded:

Why can’t you just accept people disagree with you about what good policy or governance looks like? Why go on a racial tirade demeaning people you don’t know or have even tried to talk to or understand? This isn’t the 1950s, time to grow out of the mindset.


Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ Rapid Response Director also chimed in:

Right. Also, Hispanics in Florida aren’t “oppressed.” Many of them actually came here to escape from real oppression.

Townhall media’s Kurt Schlichter gave a succinct, but profound response:

One user suggested the unthinkable: DeSantis is actually doing a good job as governor. To this, Hill replied: “Incredible if you like a political bully who absolutely loves fascism. In that sense, he’s a great governor.”

Apparently, Hill is in dire need of a dictionary and perhaps some diversity training. Getting on social media and claiming Hispanics only support a politician because they are close to “whiteness” is the type of racist trope that people like her claim to despise.

But it’s “good” racism, so I suppose it’s fine.

As I said previously, we can expect more of this brand of tap dancing coming from black faces in the activist media. Since the voter suppression fable is withering away on its deathbed, they have to come up with new and creative ways to explain why they are going to lose in November. Except, progressives are no longer as creative as they used to be, which means they’re going to fall back on the “Everybody’s Racist” trope.


Folks like Hill and other black progressives in the media are paid big bucks by white progressives to call people racist. I hear it can be quite lucrative. Perhaps I should switch sides?


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