Stacey Abrams Calls in 'The Power of Oprah' - This Is How You Know She's Losing

(Alyssa Pointer /Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

In the three weeks leading up to the November midterms, Stacey Abrams is getting an assist from legacy media as she goes full-court press on her second Georgia gubernatorial bid. Most polls show Abrams down by at least six points, so appearances on the usual liberal and Left-wing programs, as well as puff pieces like this one in The Cut, are flowing like the Chattahoochee River.


Titled, “Stacey Abrams’s Last Stand,” <insert *eyeroll* emoji>, the writer bemoans how Abrams fought so hard to elect other men for the Democrat Party, yet continues to see a lack of “robust support” in her efforts for higher office.

As Abrams trails Kemp in the polls, there are some grim ironies in play. The attention and acclaim she got for her work to elect others — men like Warnock, Ossoff, and Biden — have not been equaled when it comes to her own pursuit of political power, a microcosm of the role Black women are repeatedly asked to play within the Democratic Party, which counts on them as the hardworking base that turns out votes and wins elections for other people, but who too rarely are offered robust support for their own candidacies or leadership. The United States has still never managed to elect a single Black woman governor in its history.

Cry me a river. There is no mention in the article of Virginia Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears, who holds the honor of being the first Black woman to be elected to state-level executive office in Virginia.

But, I digress…

Abrams is losing this race, not because she is not getting robust support from the Democrat Party, but because people could not care less about her stale platforms of abortion, climate change, and voter disenfranchisement. Abrams has roundly ignored the topic of inflation, and the other kitchen-table issues that concern voters, or she tries to link them to abortion. She has jumped the shark on this, especially after the fetal heartbeat debacle. Suffice it to say, Abrams has murdered her prior connection to the “common folk,” mostly by her own hand.


Enter The Power of Oprah! Billionaire entertainment mogul Oprah Winfrey has championed Abrams since her failed 2018 gubernatorial bid and they are purported friends. On October 20, Oprah will be hosting Abrams for a “virtual conversation:”

From Fox News:

The media mogul rallied for Abrams at two campaign events in Marietta and Decatur during which she emphasized the importance of voting and told the crowds to “vote your values.”

According to a promo for the event, the two “will discuss the importance of Stacey’s campaign for governor and her vision for One Georgia where everyone has access to education, healthcare, housing and the ability to earn a good living.”

Gee, what could be impacting all that? Can you say, “inflation,” boys and girls? Abrams somehow cannot get this through her thick skull, so no doubt people will vote their values, and their values involve how to survive a recession and feed their families, not the restrictions on abortion.


The event is totally free, but grifters gonna grift. Once you sign up, donations to the campaign are… encouraged.

Stacey Abrams-Fundraising pitch after Virtual Sign-Up. (Credit: Stacey Abrams’ campaign)

Color Abrams desperate. Seriously, does anyone pay attention to Oprah anymore? A major chunk of the white, suburban women she gaslighted for years left her when she endorsed Obama for president. While she still maintains respect in some circles, Oprah’s own people are more lukewarm, than hot, on her influence.

Then there’s the close association with serial rapist and former mogul Harvey Weinstein:

Pretty much. Oprah is neither relatable nor trustworthy, and most of America knows this. Stacey Abrams apparently has no clue, or chooses not to get one.


One of the many reasons why Abrams is handing Georgia Governor Brian Kemp a second term.


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