Sesame Place Removes 'Rosita' Character From Theme Park Because Race-Crazed Leftists Ruin Everything

Richard Termine

Well, it looks like the intrepid, leftist media mob has claimed another scalp. That’s right. Our beloved social justice warrior types have advanced the cause of equal rights for racial minorities by getting Rosita, a Sesame Street character, canceled after an incident they used to further their “everyone is racist” narrative.


You might recall that back in July, a controversy arose when footage showing an actor dressed as Rosita appeared to intentionally ignore a pair of black children when entertaining the crowd at Sesame Place, a theme park based on the show “Sesame Street.”

Woke types erupted in fire and fury after the video circulated, claiming the actor playing the character was a racist and was purposefully ignoring black children. The claims persisted, even as other pictures surfaced showing the character interacting with other black children because it was just too good for progressives to pass up. The family of the children is currently suing the theme park for $25 million– because why the hell not? Race grifting is quite lucrative these days, isn’t it?

But now, the Daily Mail has reported that the Rosita character has not been seen nor heard from since the brouhaha:

Sesame Place have cancelled character Rosita by banning her from meet and greets and the daily parade after a family launched a $25million lawsuit against the park. can reveal that the bilingual Muppet, from Mexico, is slowly being erased from the theme park in Philadelphia, with staff claiming she has been removed in the wake of the controversy.


In the footage, the two girls reached out to Racist Rosita, who was originally created to promote diversity on Sesame Street. The character was shaking her finger at the girls before allegedly “hugging the little white girl” next to them.

“Multiple buildings with the costume character’s face on them have reportedly remained closed since the incident in July, with staff claiming she has been ‘cancelled,’” according to the Daily Mail.

One of the parks’ staff members told the news outlet that Rosita has “been taken off the parade entirely since the racism allegations” and that “[n]one of the character’s walk the street in the parade any more, and any meet and greets for her have been called off.”

“That is all because of the allegations, they don’t want anyone potentially making the same claims,” the staff member said. “Essentially, Rosita has been cancelled and I don’t think she’ll be back any time soon.”

But it’s not just the character who is being canceled – the park appears to have removed all traces of the beleaguered puppet. “The Rosita restaurant has been closed for the last few weeks,” another park employee said.

“There hasn’t been a real explanation as to why, but staff are assuming it could be to do with the accusations.”


The Daily Mail’s report also notes that  “Other images of the character have been hidden by the park, with Rosita and Big Bird both being covered with a large purple structure close to a dining hall in the theme park,” and that “[s]tores selling merchandise of Sesame Street also appeared to have either removed items featuring the character or having less out on display.”

Poor little Rosita. Perhaps if she goes through some diversity training and reads some Ibram X. Kendi, she might be able to redeem herself in the eyes of the woke mob. But one thing seems clear for the time being: Children won’t be able to interact with their favorite Sesame Street characters because the park is afraid of another frivolous lawsuit. When I say leftists ruin everything, this is precisely why.


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