Saga of 'Racist' Sesame Street Mascot Draws Outrage - and Gets More Absurd From There

I regret to inform you that weird green-looking mascots named Rosita from Sesame Street are now the face of racism in America. According to multiple viral posts and a clipped video, the mascot snubbed two black children at a parade because of the relentless racism harbored in the creature’s heart.


No, this isn’t satire. Rather, it’s actually an ongoing scandal being pushed by race grifters and those who look everywhere to confirm their own perpetual victimhood. On that note, you’ll be less than surprised that Ben Crump, who recently demanded “answers” about a police shooting involving an armed man who tried to kill a woman and her children, is in the middle of the outrage.

If you watch the video, what you’ll see is the mascot walking down a line of people, high-fiving what appears to be a white woman. He then wags his finger at the same white woman, seeming to signal he can’t do something. Then two black children, one of which is reaching for a hug, are passed over by the mascot.


Clearly, this out-of-context, selectively edited clip tells the whole story, right? Well, not exactly. There are several alternative explanations and a rather interesting photo that add more to the saga.

A statement from Sesame Street claims the mascot didn’t see the two black children. That’s believable given how hard it can be to see out of those suits. So why did he appear to wave them off? According to people on the scene, Rosita wasn’t waving off the first white woman or the two black children. Rather, they were motioning repeatedly to a person behind the crowd who was trying to get the mascot to hold a baby. That would make sense given safety concerns.

Then there’s this, which offers a very stringent rebuttal to those replaying claiming this was an act of blatant racism.

Yes, that’s the same mascot at the same parade hugging other black children. That would seem to confirm that 1) the mascot didn’t see the children asking for a hug, and 2) that the mascot was actually motioning to someone behind them. Regardless, there are other explanations, such as the idea that the mascot was simply done interacting with the crowd and wanted to go back to the center of the parade. What’s clear, though, is that this wasn’t some rabid racist mascot out snubbing black kids for fun.


Hilariously, the family involved has retained a lawyer for…reasons.

What possible legal action could even be taken here? Even if you want to assume some kind of discrimination laws apply, it would be impossible to prove intent. But obviously, no discrimination occurred given the mascot was hugging other black kids at the same parade.

In short, everything is stupid.


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