What Happens if More States Join the Abbott Express?

(AP Photo/Matt York)

Overwhelmed towns near the southern border weren’t enough of an issue to get the Biden administration to take the migrant crisis seriously. Thousands of overdose deaths from fentanyl that was smuggled over the border didn’t quite move the needle either. Even the plight of unaccompanied minors who have been subject to all kinds of abuse in detention facilities didn’t get President Joe Biden to so much as bat an eye. And let us not forget the migrants who reportedly perished on the way to the U.S.

But perhaps Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stepping up his efforts to transport migrants to blue areas of the nation might make a difference. Indeed, DeSantis appears to have joined the effort along with Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey.

The Texas governor once again elicited an outpouring of outrage, pearl-clutching, and hand-wringing from the progressive left when he sent two buses full of illegal immigrants straight to Vice President Kamala Harris’ doorstep. The move came just after Gov. DeSantis flew 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard to give the elitists a small idea of what southern border towns have been experiencing over the past year.

What began as a seemingly small political stunt in which Gov. Abbott began sending illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C. has now grown into a full-court press. The Abbott Express is bringing the border to those who boldly touted sanctuary status for their cities under the guise of caring about brown folks coming to America.

This initiative has not only been an entertaining piece of political theater, but it has forced leftists to reveal the fact that their vociferous arguments in favor of importing as many immigrants as possible aren’t exactly motivated by compassion. Indeed, several high-profile progressive politicians and members of the activist media have been whining incessantly about it ever since the operation began.

I’ve speculated before about whether making Democrats suffer the consequences of the policies they support would make an impact. The jury is still out on that idea. However, if red states continue to maintain this current momentum, there has to be a point when it becomes untenable for Democratic cities to continue receiving busloads of migrants. This is especially true if they expand their efforts to other cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Baltimore, and others.

Since Biden is still intent on allowing as many migrants into the country as possible, these states will have an unending supply of people to bus to these locations, which means they have plenty of ammo to keep up the onslaught. If the Abbott Express is going to stick around, they might as well go all out. These blue cities should continue having to figure out how to deal with the influx of people they claim to care about.

At some point, there has to be a breaking point. There must be a moment when they are so overwhelmed, and the press is so bad that they have to start joining other Democrats like Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) in demanding that the White House take serious action instead of just trying to gaslight the public into believing the border is secure.

Yes, it is a long shot – I’ve acknowledged that previously. But we already know Biden isn’t going to listen to Republicans. But if enough people in both parties get loud enough, it might just be crazy enough to work. Stranger things have happened, right?


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