Libs of TikTok Rakes Doxxer Taylor Lorenz Over the Coals Over Planned Hit Piece

Townhall Media

The hard left hates Libs of TikTok with the fire of a thousand burning suns. The Twitter account so enrages the so-called progressive crowd that members of the activist media have tried their darnedest to discredit it.


So far, their attacks have not yielded much fruit. Nevertheless, they persist. This is where media activist Taylor Lorenz, who exposed the identity of the woman behind the account earlier this year, comes in.

Chaya Raichik, the individual who runs the Libs of TikTok account, expertly trolled Lorenz when the media activist reached out to her for a hit piece she plans to publish in the Washington Post, an outlet that has also raged against Raichik.

Lorenz slid into Raichik’s DM’s, asking for a comment for a piece she is writing related to Libs of TikTok exposing children’s hospitals who provide “gender-affirming care” to minor children. This is a nicer way of describing how these institutions push experimental and questionable puberty blockers on children who believe they are actually the opposite gender. It also involves, in many cases, performing gruesome surgeries on these kids ostensibly to help them “transition” to the other sex.

“Hi Chaya, a colleague of mine is published a big story on influencers who spread narratives about election fraud in 2020, exploring what happened to their megaphones after Trump was de-platformed,” Lorenz wrote, acknowledging that Raichik was “not one of the influencers” but has “received extensive promotion from them.”


The media activist continued, falsely accusing Raichik of having “helped to foster violence” and that her posts, which almost exclusively feature leftists talking about their activism, have “led to death threats against medical providers at Boston Children’s Hospital,” among other atrocities that she is supposedly responsible for.

Raichik, knowing exactly what Lorenz was attempting to accomplish, channeled her inner AOC and posted a screenshot of the media activist’s message and wrote: “Why is she obsessed with me? @TaylorLorenz, I don’t want to date you.”

Raichik also responded to another message from Lorenz, who sent her another request for comment. “I’m sorry but I can’t date you.” She wrote. “I’m straight.”

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you handle members of the activist media. You do not take them seriously. You do not lend them even a crumb of credibility.

People like Lorenz are far from being honest journalists trying to get to the truth. She and her ilk are nothing more than activists with laptops promoting a far-leftist agenda. This means destroying those who oppose their endeavors, especially the ones who are speaking out against the physical and mental mutilation of minor children whose parents are being emotionally blackmailed into believing that refusing to put their kids under the knife will result in suicide.


These folks are not going to give you an honest hearing. Their objective is not to accurately represent your ideas. They seek only to discredit and destroy those who push back against what they believe is right.

Let’s hope high-profile influencers on the right learn from this.


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