WATCH: The Ugly, Dirty, Nasty Truth About the Effort to Trans Children

Jeff Charles speaks with Dr. Jeff Myer with Summit Ministries and Christian Post reporter Brandon Schowalter about the effort to promote transgenderism among minor children

In this episode, I spoke with Dr. Jeff Myer, president of Summit Ministries, and Brandon Schowalter, a reporter with the Christian Post. Both of these men have covered the effort to push transgenderism on young children and have reported extensively on the issue.


We discussed the devastating impact of “gender-affirming care” and how studies have shown how it has destroyed the lives of kids – especially after they reach adulthood. It was quite a disturbing but enlightening conversation.

I will warn that it is not for the faint of heart, but it is important that people know what is happening with institutions dedicated to persuading parents to allow their children to go through social, medical, and even surgical procedures to supposedly help these individuals be mentally healthy. It is nothing less than a wholesale effort to encourage as many kids as possible to embrace transgenderism, and these people will resort to the most sinister of methods to make this happen.

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