Leftists Celebrating Darth Brandon’s Speech Still Don’t Understand How They Got Trump

Joe Biden giving his primetime speech as Emperor Palpatine (Credit: Jeff Charles)

You would have thought they’d have learned their lesson by now. But judging by the content of President Joe Biden’s speech on Thursday and the sycophantic praise coming from his supporters, they haven’t learned a darn thing.

As you might remember, Darth Brandon went all out on Thursday evening during primetime to label anyone who disagrees with his politics as dangerous extremists threatening the Republic. Before a backdrop that resembled Lucifer’s residence, he portrayed “MAGA Republicans” as being some political force of nature bent on destroying everything America stands for.

But in going full Sith Lord, Biden exposed a reality that should be troubling to any Democrat with an IQ higher than room temperature: This bullsh*t is precisely why they got former President Donald Trump in the first place.

Here’s the thing: nothing Biden said was new. His rhetoric was not original. It was simply a rehashing of what progressive politicians and members of the activist media have been saying about people on the right for over a decade. The difference is that he made these remarks as a sitting President of the United States, which constitutes a significant escalation in the war of words between Republicans and Democrats.

But in 2016, people who do not align with the far left became sick of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, and all the other slurs Democrats kept throwing at them. So in response, they elected someone who would turn their tactics against them, much to their consternation.

Now, leftists are once again afraid that the Orange Man What Is Bad™, or someone even worse, might occupy the White House in 2024. They know Democrats have done a terrible job of running the country and that they are set to lose big in November. But instead of recalibrating and figuring out a better way forward, they have decided to double down on the same strategy that cost them everything six years ago, and it appears their leaders have not yet seen the problem.

Former CNN media activist John Harwood posted a tweet defending Darth Brandon’s angry rant:

Biden’s assertion that Trump and extremist Republicans pose a threat to American democracy is, undeniably, true

MSNBC’s Matthew Miller also lauded the speech. “This is a good speech, and one it’s still hard to believe an American president has to give,” he tweeted.

Writer Matthew Dowd told the world that he lacks the ability to read the room by tweeting:

As a former political strategist, I am amazed how dumbly the GOP has fallen into defending Trump and MAGA/Fox News autocrats in the aftermath of Biden’s speech.  The more they defend and jump on Biden and make this conversation about democracy and MAGA world the better for Dems.

Not to be outdone, Daily Beast columnist David Rothkopf also chimed in:

Stunning the number of formerly respectable well-known Republicans and “conservatives” who sat more or less silently by as Trump assaulted our democracy and as their party has continued to plot to do so…who are deeply offended by Biden’s speech defending that same democracy.

These are the types of people who will ensure that a Republican occupies the Oval Office after 2024. But at least some in the left-wing intelligentsia appear to see the mistake their allies are making. CNN, which has been pivoting towards a less partisan approach, fired Harwood shortly after he posted his tweet.

The Washington Post’s editorial board penned an op-ed criticizing the president for how he approached his address to the nation. The authors wrote:

The difficult, perhaps insurmountable, challenge that Mr. Biden confronted — just eight weeks before midterm elections that will determine the future course of his presidency — was how to convey the message of defending democracy in a way that summons patriotism rather than partisanship. Here, as much as we agree with the president about the urgency of the issue, is where he fell short, too often sounding more like a Democrat than a democrat. You don’t persuade people by scolding or demeaning them, but that’s how the president’s speech landed for many conservatives of goodwill.

WaPo is right in its assessment, once again proving the well-known maxim about broken clocks. The article continued, arguing that Biden “was wrong to conflate upholding the rule of law with his own partisan agenda,” and pointing out that “you can be for democracy but against the president’s policy proposals to use government to lower prescription-drug prices and combat climate change.”

The authors also noted that “many conservatives – not just ‘MAGA forces’ – agree with the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.”

This is a tacit admission on the part of one of the most left-leaning news outlets in the establishment media Biden was not just referring to a small, fringe segment of folks on the right; he was talking about most of us, even those who carry mainstream conservative views. This flies in the face of progressives deceptively claiming he was only talking about people who question the outcome of the 2020 election or those who rioted at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Leftists celebrating Biden’s speech are taking a short-term view of the situation. His meanderings gave them goose bumps and a thrill up their legs. These people are blinded to the reality that it also energized the right – including MAGA Republicans, who I’m sure polling will show are more enthusiastic about showing up to vote in November. Indeed, this speech will not be soon forgotten, and any Republican running for the White House will undoubtedly play it on repeat for everyone to hear. What is particularly noteworthy about this whole thing is that when they lose in 2024, Democrats will still fail to understand why. Will they ever learn?


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