We Now Know the Next One out the Door on the CNN List

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We’ve seen CNN start to make some changes to present themselves as other than stenographers for the Democratic Party.

We saw CNN give Brian Stelter the well-deserved boot after years of being a Democratic hack while pretending to be an objective media critic.


But that wasn’t the only change that CNN head Chris Licht was contemplating. He told the employees that they should expect more “changes” to come and made it clear that they wouldn’t necessarily like the changes.

Now the word is in on who is out the door next: John Harwood, who has to be one of the biggest hacks at CNN (although admittedly, there are so many it’s a tough call).

Harwood noted that Friday was his “last day at CNN” and said he looked “forward to figuring out what’s next.” That sounds like he got the boot to me and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

One of his last comments was an attack on President Donald Trump and a full embrace of Joe Biden’s despicable speech that even Biden himself is now running away from.


Of course, Harwood has a long history of acting like a Democratic operative. I previously reported on his defense of Biden over all his failures. It boiled down to… eh, there’s nothing he can do.

There’s just not much President Joe Biden can do about it.

There’s not much he can do to curb inflation.
There’s not much he can do to stop migrants from reaching America’s southern border. Or to reduce crime, or to make vaccine resisters get shots that would hasten the end of the coronavirus pandemic.
There’s not much he can do to compel cooperation from defectors within his thin Democratic congressional majorities. There is nothing at all he can do to compel it from Republican adversaries who would rather aggravate than alleviate his burdens.

It’s true there’s nothing much Biden can do because he’s a failure and anyone applying good policies could do a lot. But that’s also why Biden shouldn’t be in the job. So not much a defense there, John.

Some also remembered when Harwood was with CNBC and he emailed Clinton campaign guy John Podesta about questions that he should be asking Jeb Bush. Talk about acting like a Democratic operative.

What’s next for John? White House Press Secretary to replace the faltering Karine Jean-Pierre?

But our own Brad Slager wants to know who’s next on the list, now that Harwood has been taken off the board.


Among the names some sources were dropping about who might get the boot or be reassigned were Don Lemon and Brianna Keilar. Licht indicated that “New Day” might be next on his hit list — that’s Keilar’s show.

We saw two very different reactions from Keilar and Lemon regarding Biden’s attacks on MAGA people. Keilar pointed out how Biden was breaking norms by having the Marines there in such a political speech. Meanwhile, in remarks before the speech but about some of Biden’s prior attacks, Lemon embraced how Biden attacked MAGA people and said what he was saying was true.

Lemon seemed to recognize that he might be on the block after when he said, “I’m in so much trouble.” He’s as big a hack as Harwood, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the next to go.



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