CNN’s S.E. Cupp Goes on Unhinged Rant Against Anti-Grooming Laws

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CNN media activist S.E. Cupp went full groomer-apologist during a recent appearance on “CNN Tonight” in which she castigated Republicans for passing legislation designed to prevent school districts from infusing far-leftist ideology related to gender identity into K-12 classrooms.


Host Alisyn Camerota brought the issue up when discussing the nationwide teacher shortage. She intimated that the lack of educators was related to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act and Stop WOKE Act along with similar laws passed in other states.

“Both bills are creating a culture of confusion among teachers who are nervous if they can be open to litigation by parents who somehow disagree with the curriculums,” Camerota said. “This is happening in the middle of what the labor bureau is calling a nationwide teacher shortage.”

Cupp responded, claiming that Kari Lake, a Republican running for Arizona governor, “literally wants to indoctrinate kids with the Trump approved curriculum from Hillsdale college in public schools.”

“I mean, literal indoctrination here, but it’s the left that’s woke. I just think the worst of it, there’s gonna be lawsuits which are terrible, and then there’s the villainization of teachers,” she bloviated.

The media activist then turned to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, slamming him for ignoring “federal guidance that would protect trans students from discrimination,” and arguing that it could have “incredibly dangerous, real-life effects.”

She added:

They really are big government Republicans now. I mean, this is as intrusive as government gets into your private life. Your kids and school and education. This is all big government.

It appears Cupp doesn’t understand that outlining how education is to be presented to children isn’t exactly “big government.”


Every state lays out guidelines and mandates governing how education should be handled by school districts. It doesn’t all of a sudden become “big government” because a state chooses to shape its curriculum in a way that Cupp doesn’t like.

Moreover, the Parental Rights in Education Act only forbids teachers from instructing students younger than eight-years-old on matters pertaining to sexuality and gender identity. It’s a sentiment with which most Americans agree, according to polling on the matter.

But what Cupp and her ilk fail to realize is that these laws are about ensuring that children are actually being educated in important subjects like reading, writing, and math instead of being influenced to embrace progressive ideology. It is also about safeguarding parents’ rights to have a say in how their children are educated and preventing schools from encouraging children who believe they are transgender to transition to the opposite sex behind their parents’ backs.

Apparently, folks like Cupp are more concerned with protecting efforts to indoctrinate children than with making sure parents are able to be involved in their children’s education.


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