Et Tu, Pizza Hut?

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It appears State Farm isn’t the only company dipping its toe into Groomer Inc.™ Less than a week after it was revealed that the insurance company formed a partnership with the GenderCool Project to distribute books promoting transgenderism among minor children to public schools and libraries, news of Pizza Hut engaging in similar activities has surfaced.

The Washington Examiner reports:

In an attempt to promote its reading program for children, Pizza Hut came under fire for recommending a book about a child drag queen.

The chain restaurant sent an email to begin its summer program Camp Book It, which began on June 1. As June also marks Pride Month, the email included three recommendations surrounding the topic of the month, including one book titled Big Wig, which features a male child protagonist who decides to dress in drag for his neighborhood costume competition.

On its website, Camp Book It also promotes other questionable books, such as “Be Amazing: A History of Pride,” written by Desmond Is Amazing, which “shares the stories of the many brave people that have paved the way for the LGBTQ+ community and encourages readers to be themselves.” The book is tailored to children in pre-Kindergarten to the first grade. This includes kids aged four to 12 years old.

The news brought about a backlash on social media, after the Libs of TikTok posted the email on Twitter.

Here are just a few of the responses:

The company has not yet responded to the criticism, and is owned by Yum! Brands, which also owns Taco Bell and KFC.

The Washington Examiner explained:

The restaurant runs its reading program year-round, partnering with schools during the school year. Children are allowed to read a book of their choosing and receive a certificate for a free pizza if they complete the book within the month. Its program has been operating since 1984, with the restaurant calling itself a “literacy motivator” in its Twitter bio.

This is yet another example of a corporation pushing so-called progressive ideology to children. State Farm walked back its partnership with GenderCool after a vicious backlash. So far, it does not appear the same will happen with Pizza Hut.

But the question is: Will this be the start of a new trend among woke corporations?

In 2020, companies seeking the favor of the far-left woke crowd were focused on racial issues in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. Like other leftist members of the chattering class, they exploited the tragedy by signaling their virtue on social media and pretending to support causes designed to benefit the black community.

Now, it seems possible that these organizations are trying to score woke points by pivoting to the alphabet community. Perhaps they believe pushing what they believe to be the LGBTQ agenda, they can remain in the good graces of the progressive Sanhedrin and avoid offending its wokeist leaders.

If this is the case, it will likely open up yet another front in the cultural battle over our children’s minds. It is already enough that progressives are using the education system to inject their ideas regarding sexuality and gender identity into the nation’s youth. Now, they appear to be getting corporations in on the act.

This could be even more dangerous if we don’t fight back. If I’m right about my prediction, we can expect to see even more stories in the coming weeks about companies pushing books and other material to small children. It seems more likely they will help to push this stuff in public schools that have developed policies designed to ensure parents do not find out they are indoctrinating students with progressive ideology.

In Pizza Hut’s case, parents are more likely to know what books the company is exposing their children to — meaning that many are accepting of their kids learning this material. There isn’t much that can be done in this regard; parents have the right to allow their children to read these books.

But since most parents aren’t willing to have their four-year-olds exposed to LGBTQ propaganda, the more dangerous method is what progressives are doing in the school system. It is there where the focus must be, because if corporations are going to be advancing this agenda, they will be doing so in a way that cuts parents out of the process. They, along with the school districts, must be continually exposed.


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