ACLU Promotes White Supremacy

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In one of the most asinine tweets ever, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) made one of the most braindead arguments in support of abortion that one could imagine. The organization claimed restricting abortion would disproportionately impact members of marginalized Americans and insisted that preserving the practice “is an urgent matter of racial and economic justice.”


On Wednesday, the ACLU tweeted:

Abortion bans disproportionately harm:

▪️ Black, Indigenous & other people of color

▪️ the LGBTQ community

▪️ immigrants

▪️ young people

▪️ those working to make ends meet

▪️ people with disabilities

Protecting abortion access is an urgent matter of racial and economic justice.

The group’s tweet was met with much criticism from users pointing out that women are most affected by abortion. Many questioned why left-leaning groups like the ACLU desire so strongly for more black babies to be killed in the womb.

I also chimed in on Instagram:


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The ACLU’s tweet is just one example demonstrating how the hard left pro-abortion crowd sees these issues. For being folks who claim to oppose white supremacy, they sure are serious about ensuring that non-white groups of people are destroying their babies in the womb at the highest rate possible. It seems the only group of people they seek to preserve is straight white men without disabilities. Everyone else should just kill their infants before they are born, in their minds.

There is a reason why the vast majority of Planned Parenthood centers are located in minority neighborhoods. Democrats running these cities have refused to use policy to effect positive change for decades. Their flawed programs are a prime contributor to the reasons why women choose to terminate their pregnancies in the first place. Nevertheless, they continue to ensure that minorities remain in poverty, continue dealing with crime, and receive substandard education. They know that these factors will keep the abortion rates in these communities as high as possible.


Even worse, they not only market abortion to black and brown communities, but they enlist the help of black and brown faces to sell the people on death. These tap-dancing types are either deceived or in on the plot. For personal gain, they are willing to sell out their own people rather than demand accountability for the inept leadership destroying their cities while selling the killing of infants. At some point, Democrats’ ability to exploit these folks will come to an end. Given current trends, it appears this might be coming sooner than we think.


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