White Progressive Accidentally Admits He Supports Black Genocide

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A media activist’s reaction to the possibility that Roe v. Wade might be overturned demonstrates, once again, why I say white progressives are the absolute worst. But in so doing, he said the proverbial quiet part out loud, especially when it comes to how progressives view the black community.

Noah Smith, a media activist who has written for the Washington Post and other left-wing activist media outlets, has posted a tweet intimating that mainstream conservatives subscribe to the white nationalist “Great Replacement” and that they should be pro-abortion because it is mostly minorities who take advantage of the procedure. He wrote:

OK, who’s going to be the first to let conservatives know that since people of color are disproportionately high users of abortion, banning abortion will hasten the “Great Replacement”

The Great Replacement theory is an idea that has circulated among white supremacist circles for decades. It is the belief that a certain group of people – usually Jews – have initiated a covert campaign to replace white people with minorities, especially through mass migration. explains:

The Great Replacement Theory is an ethno-nationalist theory warning that an indigenous European—e.g., white—population is being replaced by non-European immigrants. The Great Replacement concept was popularized by French writer Renaud Camus in his 2012 book, Le Grand Remplacement (“The Great Replacement”). Camus postulated that black and brown immigrants were reverse-colonizing native “white” Europeans.

The article continues, explaining that the two primary groups promoting this theory are the American Identity Movement and Generation Identity. The author writes:

These two specific groups claim to be non-violent, but others on the far right have used the Great Replacement Theory to justify violence. For example, Brenton Tarrant—who killed 51 people during attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, on March 15, 2019—titled his manifesto after the theory and warned of a white genocide. Patrick Crusius—who killed 21 people at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, on August 3, 2019—also subscribed to the Great Replacement Theory. Violent white nationalists believe they are ensuring the survival of their own race through violence against other ethnicities.

Unlike Smith, the article specifically points out that the Great Replacement theory is not mainstream among conservative circles. However, dishonest media activists enjoy pretending this is the case because folks on the right are vehemently against illegal immigration, which doesn’t sit well with those who practice wokeism.

As you might imagine, Smith’s inane comments elicited criticism. Conservative commentator Sohrab Ahmari noted that Smith accidentally admitted the original intent of the abortion movement in America. He wrote:

Talk about vocalizing the quiet part.

The pro-abortion movement has been eugenic going back to its origins, and every pro-lifer I know recognizes and deplores this.

National Review’s Rich Lowry also chimed in, pointing out that the termination of black babies is one of the primary points of contention for the pro-life movement:

People will look back and be completely mystified why supporting having fewer black babies was the “anti-racist” position

But what Smith inadvertently acknowledged in his silly attempt at race-baiting is that abortion disproportionately harms minority communities far more than whites. Indeed, eugenics was one of the main reasons why Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was so gung-ho about abortions. The vast majority of the organization’s clinics are located in predominantly black and brown neighborhoods.

Moreover, Democrats are the ones who govern cities with high minority populations and are largely responsible for the oppressive conditions in which too many of these individuals live. The fact that they have provided little in the way of educational, economic, and safety solutions has resulted in a population that is more likely to see abortion as a solution.

If I wished to impede the growth of the black population, in particular, I could think of no better plan than to ensure their communities remain mired in death, poverty, and destruction, which would prompt more black mothers to terminate their pregnancies, thereby slowing the growth of the population. Yes, this might sound like I’ve donned a tinfoil hat, but hear me out.

Democrats have been running mostly black and brown cities for decade after decade after decade. The conditions for the folks living in these areas have not improved significantly, yet these progressive types continue pushing the exact same “solutions” that have failed miserably over the past 60 years and longer. At this point, it becomes nearly impossible to attribute to ineptitude what should probably be attributed to malice.

To put it simply, the Democrats can’t possibly be this stupid.

Since they know they have no competition from Republicans at the local and state level, they know they can continue this destruction of minority communities with impunity because it allows them to continue pretending they care about the plight of “people of color” and blame it on conservatives. They have no intention of actually helping to lift people out of poverty.

Of course, I’m not saying this is true of every single Democratic politician governing these cities. Some sincerely wish to make a difference — even if it means not completely toeing the progressive line. Others actually want to help, but they don’t realize their policies are destructive.

But I believe it is at the upper echelons that the left knows exactly what it is doing. It is the powers that be among the Democrat intelligentsia that understands that this strategy will help them remain in power.

People like Smith believe they were getting one over on conservatives. But the reality is that they only further expose themselves and the reason why they should not be taken seriously when it comes to their fake concern for minorities. The question is: Are conservatives ready to step in and enact real change or will they continue to watch and complain from the sidelines?


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