Just When You Thought Keanu Reeves Couldn’t Be More Awesome

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There is a reason why Keanu Reeves is one of the most well-liked actors in Hollywood. Unlike many others in his position, the entertainer has established a reputation as an all-around nice guy who has refused to let his fame go to his head.


A recent LAD Bible report revealed he donated about 70 percent of his salary from “The Matrix” movies to leukemia research after his sister was diagnosed with the disease. “Keanu put his life on hold as he became her carer, which saw the Matrix sequels delayed and Keanu sell his house so he could move closer to her and look after her,” according to the news outlet.

But he did not stop there.

Reeves also took further steps to aid in the fight against cancer. LAD Bible reported:

During this time, Keanu also created a charity to support people and children living with cancer, which he didn’t attach his name to.

He hasn’t spoken much about his charity, because he doesn’t want it to be associated with his celebrity, but in 2009 he told Ladies Home Journal it aids people with cancer and children’s charities.

The report noted that the actor and his sister were “particularly close after growing up together in a tough home” and that “their father walked out when Keanu was two and was later jailed for drug possession.”

Reeves, who is known for doing random good deeds on a routine basis, also donates parts of his wealth to other worthy causes. The report noted:

Another cause close to Keanu’s heart is sick children and he regularly donates large sums of money to children’s charities alongside the work his own charity does.

Keanu has also previously taken significant pay cuts to allow other members of the cast and crew more budget.

His contract for the Matrix sequels included a significant pay cut so more money could be made available for costumes and special effects workers.


He also bought Harley-Davidson motorcycles for a dozen stuntmen who worked on the first Matrix film. “I just wanted…to give a bigger thank-you to all these guys who helped me make this,” Reeves told reporters.

There are other notable stories chronicling Reeves’ awesomeness. In March 2019, the actor became stranded at a Bakersfield airport after his flight was diverted on the way to Los Angeles. The other passengers were trapped with him. He solved the problem by chartering a bus for himself and the other passengers to L.A. One of the passengers chronicled the journey on social media, as he read interesting facts about Bakersfield and other cities.

Reeves is also known for giving up his seat on the subway for elderly women, and even giving a ride to an Australian tourist who had gotten lost in L.A. Here’s a video of his other altruistic exploits:

In a world full of stories of greed, malice, and vitriol, Keanu Reeves can always be counted on to give the world something heartwarming. This probably won’t be the last time the actor makes the news for doing something.


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