Down-to-Earth Keanu Reeves Gets Stranded After Plane Grounding, Joins Passengers on Road Trip to LA



Have you seen John Wick? You need to, because it’s fantastic.

In the action-packed film, Keanu Reeves fights, fights, and fights. Because nobody messes with a man’s dog.


John Wick 2 was good as well, and I look forward to the third installment.

I really like Keanu — aside from his life on the big screen, from all I’ve ever heard, he’s a nice, down-to-earth guy. Want some recent proof?

The 54-year-old actor was on a commercial flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles earlier this week when the plane was forced to make an emergency landing at a closed airport in Bakersfield.

What would you expect a man worth $360 million to do? Charter a private jet? Call a helicopter?

Not Keanu’s style. He waited at the airport with his fellow passengers, helping sort out how they might make it on to LA.

In the end, the celebrity opted for a humble two-hour old-school trek with his new pals.

Brian Rea — a freelance cartoonist — documented the journey and the Matrix star’s disarming friendliness:

“So I got on a plane w/Keanu. He was very pleasant. Took photos, talked about latest project w/ 2 very enthusiastic airline employees. We boarded—He sat 2 rows up. I fell asleep. Then all of a sudden…Our plane w/ Keanu was diverted to Bakersfield. They just announced we may be taking…a bus.”

On the long drive, Keanu read facts about Bakersfield aloud and played country music for the group.

You can hear him on Brian’s video:

“Its population is about 380,000, making it the 9th most populous city in California and the 52nd most populous city in the nation.”


Once back in L.A., Keanu indulged in a bit of luxury: He went to Carl’s Jr. for some fast food.

Watch the videos (only the first has sound) and check out the comments in the tweets below. And don’t miss John Wick 3, set for release on May 17th.



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