Survey Says: Businesses Are Not on Board With Requiring Vaccines

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Apparently, not all people love intrusive vaccine mandates as much as the Democrats. A recent survey found that an overwhelming majority of businesses do not plan to require their workers to take the jab if President Joe Biden’s vax mandate doesn’t work out in the courts.

A survey of 1,000 randomly-selected members of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) found that 75 percent indicated they are “not likely to implement either of the mandates central directives – full vaccination or weekly testing – should a permanent court ruling make the measure illegal,” according to Yahoo! Finance.

“The majority of employers and HR professionals that we chatted with are really in wait-and-see-mode,” Annemarie Schaefer, SHRM’s head of research, told the news outlet. “So they don’t even know what to expect.”

About 51 percent of companies with 100 or more employees said they would hold off on decisions regarding vaccines until the legal battles are concluded.

Yahoo! Finance reported:

In November, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals stopped enforcement of the rule by issuing a nationwide stay of the emergency temporary standard. The case was transferred to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, which kept the stay in effect. The Biden administration has requested that the court dissolve the stay, if not entirely, as least as to its mask-and-test mandate for unvaccinated workers.

Fewer larger employers that had prepared to implement the mandate’s requirement indicated they would do away with the requirements if the Sixth Circuit strikes down Biden’s rule. “Private employers are legally entitled to mandate vaccines, so long as they abide by laws prohibiting discrimination against unvaccinated workers based on disability or religious reasons,” according to Yahoo! Finance.

Emily M. Dickens, SHRM’s chief of staff, criticized the White House for not doing enough to address the wait-and-see trend that many employers are experiencing. “Unfortunately, the vaccine and testing mandate was rolled out without input from employers, causing the concern and confusion we see in our research,” she explained.

She also noted that SHRM had called on the administration to provide a draft and receive public comment before implementing the rule.

The organization also found that employers to which the mandate applied referred to “numerous challenges” regarding implementation. About 73 percent indicated that the legal battles presented an obstacle and 65 percent stated the mandate made it hard to address employee morale.

However, several major companies were on board with the vax mandate agenda even before the geriatric authoritarian in the White House announced its new rules. According to NBC News, several high-profile companies are requiring vaccinations or weekly COVID testing.

Starting on Nov 18, American Express started requiring workers, contractors, and visitors to be fully vaccinated in order to visit offices and “participate in in-person company-sponsored events,” according to CEO Steve Squeri.

Delta Airlines announced in May that all new American hires would have to be vaxxed. “This is an important move to protect Delta’s people and customers, ensuring the airline can safely operate as demand returns and as it accelerates through recovery and into the future,” the company explained in a statement.

Goldman Sachs started requiring anyone entering its offices to be fully vaxxed on Sept. 7. In addition, employees are still required to wear masks and undergo weekly testing, even though they are vaccinated.

Nevertheless, the survey underscores the myriad of problems with Biden’s vax mandate. It is not quite as popular as the Democrats and their close friends and allies in the activist media would have us believe. It appears that companies realize that imposing these rules on their employees is a huge pain in the you-know-what that are unlikely to yield real results when it comes to combating the spread of the coronavirus.

This presents yet another reason why forcing companies to require vaccines was an ill-advised and intrusive idea. The fact is that businesses should be allowed to operate how they wish. Employees can make their own health and employment decisions. But this idea is verboten among progressive circles, in which folks assume the elites believe the state is in the best position to make decisions for the rest of the nation.

This issue is still being battled out in court and it is unknown how they will rule on the matter. But even if Biden’s mandate is struck down permanently, we should not assume the left will stop trying to compel the rest of the country to take the jab. It is yet another reason why it is so important that the GOP retake Congress in 2022. Having the right people in office might be instrumental to preventing the federal government from enacting its authoritarian agenda.


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