Joe Biden Plays Approval Limbo and Makes His Advisers Look Like Idiots

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Joe Biden has hit another low in approval today, once again showing he has no floor. That was driven by a disastrous survey from Quinnipiac being added to the polling averages. The president was at just 38 percent in that poll, and now sits at 41.2 percent overall, per Real Clear Politics.


There hasn’t been a poll this month that shows Biden anywhere close to above water.

What’s so astonishing about this result is that it comes after another propaganda blitz by the White House, following the passage of the infrastructure bill. They’ve been going gangbusters doing photo-ops over the last week, including the president’s tone-deaf driving of an electric Hummer. Pete Buttigieg even managed to show up for work, donning a hardhat for the cameras, while being otherwise generally useless.

Then there’s Baghdad Bob here, who just can’t help himself.


Biden is making his advisers look like absolute idiots. He has them out in public, gaslighting everyone, blowing smoke up the collective backside of Americans with cherry-picked points — and nobody is actually buying it. When you drill down further into this Quinnipiac poll, the results are absolutely terrible for the White House and show no one is buying what they are selling.

You can lie to people about a lot of things when it comes to politics. What you can’t lie to them about is how much money they have in their pocket. Inflation concerns are real, because the current inflation boom is real. It is putting downward pressure on the middle class in ways that we haven’t seen in decades. As RedState previously reported, October’s year-over-year inflation number was over 6 percent. The actual forecast by the administration was just 2 percent.


So, while Biden and his cohorts can pretend this is all expected and normal, it wasn’t and it isn’t. Normal Americans understand that because the price increases hitting them are daily and highly visible. No amount of tweeting or talking about kids getting vaccinated is going to change the country’s current mood. As I’ve suggested before, the cake is largely baked. Biden does not have the capability or the will to do the things necessary to turn this thing around. With that said, 2022 awaits.


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