Study Shows Even Blue State Voters Are on Verge of Saying ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’

Study Shows Even Blue State Voters Are on Verge of Saying ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’
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President Joe Biden just can’t seem to get a break. It seems that each week, a new poll is published showing his approval ratings sinking faster than the Titanic.

But these particular surveys are notable because it shows that even among Democratic voters, Biden is quickly losing support. They revealed that the president is decreasing in popularity in several key blue states.

One study revealed that only 40 percent of likely voters in Michigan approve of the president’s performance, which marks a 10 percent decrease since March. Even worse, about 52 percent disapprove of how Biden is governing.

A Monmouth University poll showed that among New Jersey voters, Biden’s support has fallen to 42 percent, which is eight points lower than it was in August. A Goucher College poll showed that while the president still enjoys a 53 percent approval rating in Maryland, this is still a nine-point drop.

The Free Beacon noted:

Biden’s decline has been particularly acute among independents, whose support for the president has fallen 27 points since Inauguration Day. Biden now boasts the second-worst approval rating of any president at this point in his term.

Biden’s overall approval has taken significant damage over the past few months – but the fact he is losing support among Democrats is interesting, considering the level of popularity he had shortly after taking office. Perhaps this is an indicator that the activist media’s constant efforts to protect Biden are failing. The president is performing so badly that not even the press can save him.

President Biden has mishandled a series of crises since taking office. His administration is still plagued with issues like the migrant crisis, the fallout from the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, supply chain shortages, inflation, and rising gas prices. So far, it does not appear the president has made any headway with any of these issues.

To further compound the matter, the Democrats have not had a major win since earlier this year, when they passed coronavirus emergency relief legislation. Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is having a tough time making it through Congress. Indeed, if it does pass, it’ll be a shadow of what was originally promised.

While there could be time to turn things around, that time is getting even shorter. As the midterms approach, Biden’s poor performance approval could easily have a negative impact on Democrats seeking to maintain their congressional seats. If his performance up to this point is any indication, the president is unlikely to see those high approval ratings ever again.

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